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  1. Money in combo

    Shackley to carharrack..... $$$
  2. I've witnessed Ed Timmons play a few combo games for Falmouth, when they usually loaded up, for midweek games & he looked average. Perhaps he'll perform better and be protected by better players at Bodmin, or maybe he was part of the deal to get his mate Slateford to sign. Hopefully I'm proved wrong and he excels at Bodmin.
  3. Money in combo

    It's not worth the argument, Darren. Carharrack is a decent club & have achieved a lot, recently. But I feel their reputation has been tarnished by importing a whole team & and having a win at all costs linesman, helping their cause. I fear they may have a major rebuilding period in the not too distant future.
  4. Chris Reski to Newquay, Jared Sims to Falmouth