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  1. Does anyone know why the division 1 table shows 3 games left for Bodmin to play, but they only have 2 fixtures scheduled?
  2. A very sad situation, it sounds like the reserve team are being treated unfairly and being bullied out of the club. Surely they must stay and fight for their right to represent their local football club. Leaving and playing for another club (Nanpean) only condones the behaviour and is also very short sighted for the new club. The ECPL gets its fair share of negative views from the local football community and this is the reason why. Too many clubs coming and going and constant restructuring of the league to accommodate.
  3. That's rediculous, the majority of Bodmins team is from Bodmin....they should be representing their hometown. They should dig their heels in, get representatives on the club board and keep their team!!!! I'd be even more determined to keep a team going, especially if they feel they're being squeezed out!
  4. ECPL, that sounds like a very sensible plan!
  5. Anyone know why? surely can't be the pitch....
  6. Cornwall Charity Cup Quarter Finals: 2pm Ko Polperro v Penryn Athletic