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  1. I agree with the recent posts, Newquay should not be allowed into the league. The forum is full of moans about clubs not fulfilling fixtures and Newquay have struggled this year to put a team out. Also the idea of the leagues is allow promotion and relegation up and down through the divisions. Newquay finished bottom with 1 point so therefore they should drop down into the respected league below which is the trelawny league. The movement needs to go both ways and I can't think of any teams that have been promoted from the ECPL to the combination and from memory I think probus were refused entry last year. The objective should be to promote quality not just quantity. Personally I'd rather 2 good divisions of 14/15 teams rather than 16 in each with teams dropping out or struggling during the season.
  2. It's also quite amusing that Newquay have applied to enter the league after they finished bottom of the combination with 1 point. Surely they're just using the ECPL to escape relegation....
  3. Surely that's Liskeard saved as it'll now be one promoted and one relegated. If the rules say top 2 promoted.....then that's parkway and Bodmin, if bodmin have folded, then that saves Liskeard. To WIN promotion you had be top 2. Precedence was set last season
  4. 2 leagues of 13?!?!?!?!?
  5. With Vospers dropping into ECPL, that takes the league to 16. 2 relegated to division 1 with parkway and Bodmin promoted. If Bodmin decide to fold the team (which for the club would be madness), then surely Liskeard would be saved and remain in the prem. Another factor is that division 1 currently has only 13 teams, can't afford to lose any more teams really.
  6. What about Bodmin under 21 squad stepping up to the reserve team and take promotion????
  7. Division One Bodmin Town 5 Lanreath 2 (At Wadebridge Town) Bodmin finish runners-up That's promotion sorted, just need to finalise who's relegated (if any). Bodmin and Parkway both good teams and will be strong additions to the premier league.
  8. A fair reflection of the match.....we do however feel hard done by after having a clear penalty given by the referee, for it to then be overturned by the Callington club linesman. You also managed to the miss the horrendous foul that left our centre back being carried off the pitch (somehow only a yellow card given) and the handball on the line by the Callington defender which was ironically not spotted by your linesman. It was also a pity that no Callington players or members came into the clubhouse for a drink after the game as I'm sure your newly built clubhouse depends on this trade..... good luck also
  9. So are the 2 team who have requested to leave, definitely leaving ECPL?
  10. I'm also unsure what the need is to always try and fill the 32 teams. Every season we let a group of new teams in and then 12 months later, teams are dropping out again.....something ain't right.
  11. Looks like no one will be relegated then. Liskeard and launceston finished bottom 2 last year (I think) and didn't get relegated due to numbers being short. So if 2 teams are dropping out, they'll be no need for relegation. Exactly the same as last season...
  12. Now the season is either finished or finishing, is there any news on this topic?
  13. Does anyone know why the division 1 table shows 3 games left for Bodmin to play, but they only have 2 fixtures scheduled?