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  1. St.Dominick

    Surely any manager is better than no manager??? It is all voluntary after all. i wonder what Ken's view is....
  2. St.Dominick

    Maybe it should be proposed at tomorrow nights agm?
  3. St.Dominick

    That's why I think the league should allow them more time. Try and protect our teams. If they were given until August it would have no impact on the divisions. League 1 have 15 teams and the prem have 16teams, if st Dom were still unable to improve things.....both divisions have 15. The only affect would be on fixtures, but all it would mean is which ever team is fixtured against st Dom is cancelled.
  4. St.Dominick

    Still only June too, many players won't know where they'll play yet.
  5. St.Dominick

    I appreciate that and hope you can stabilise things. I just know every season the ECPL opens its doors and lets in a hatful of new teams.....I just wonder if more could be done to support current ones?
  6. St.Dominick

    Seems a real shame to lose all that hard work and progress. Agree with st John, it's very early to throw the towel in, most teams haven't started pre season yet so players could become available. Could the league not give them some more time? We should be doing everything to protect our clubs. The club won the cup and finished 2nd or 3rd last season......such a waste
  7. My opinion is that it should be 15 teams in each league. Both divisions should be treated equally, with equal teams (if possible). Making it easier to organise fixtures should not be a factor in league sizes, I for one quite like the idea of knowing who have 1 fixtured Saturday free to keep the family sweet.
  8. I appreciate that, but that doesn't really change the situation. If st Dominick do drop out and I hope they don't, it leaves both leagues with 15. Job done
  9. I thought everything was sorted from egm
  10. Huge shame!!! And would take a very long time (if ever) for them to get back to where they are now. Maybe with a few new additions the second team not step up?
  11. Immoral behaviour

    Really hope St Dominick can get a team sorted as Ken has worked too hard to lose his 1st team!
  12. Immoral behaviour

    I thought the Tavi boys may have gone to St Dominick
  13. Immoral behaviour

    Busy merry go round
  14. ECPL AGM

    Any more updates on this?
  15. Immoral behaviour

    Intriguing......tell us more Rob