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  1. Sin bin confussion.

    Surely as it is a non-competitive games it's up to the two teams to agree the rules? More subs than normal is an example. Is it not the same as the old pub scienario when it's old rules or new at the pool table!
  2. Sin bin confussion.

    Our referee on Saturday had just been on the course and used it in the game. Only one person showed dissent and received a yellow and sin bin, he didn't want to keep his mouth shut so got the time put up to 20 mins. I believe this system will help the referees, but i am a bit concerned with how the refs will keep track of multiple, staggered sin bins. Our club officials are due to go on the training course shortly so hopefully it will become clearer.
  3. We are undertaking some pitch repairs so training will be held at Callington 3g 7pm on Tuesday for the next few weeks. Please come along if you are interested, all players are always welcome.
  4. Calstock require a goalkeeper. If anyone is interested training is on Tuesdays at 7pm on our pitch or message me direct. All other players welcome to strengthen the existing bunch of lads.
  5. do some work u lazy git