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  1. Trelawny Div 4 Newlyn Non Athletico 4-1 Penzance Att - 38 H-T 1-1
  2. Sunday 12th March, 3pm at Oxland Park, Illogan Carharrack v St Ives Town Sunday 26th March, 3pm at Gala Park, Porthleven Hayle v Ludgvan
  3. I can announce four teams have applied to join the League, West Cornwall, Lizard Argyle, Pendeen Rovers and Wendron United.
  4. Here is the draw for the LWC Drinks Cornwall Combination League Cup Carharrack v St Ives Town Hayle v Ludgvan Venues and dates to be arranged but they will be on Sundays between now and Easter. The final will be on Easter Sunday, 16th April, at a venue to be arranged. Sponsorship/advertising in the matchday programme is still available. Contact me via the forum or at
  5. Combo Fixtures Saturday 18th Feb Goonhavern Athletic 0-4 Carharrack Hayle 2-2 Helston Athletic Reserves Ludgvan 3-0 Redruth UnitedPerranporth 3-1 Illogan RBL Reserves Perranwell 2-2 Mullion RNAS Culdrose 3-2 Holman SC St Day 1-3 Porthleven Reserves St Ives Town 5-0 Penryn Athletic Reserves Supplementary Cup Preliminary Round St Just 2-3 St Agnes
  6. Combo Results Saturday 18th Feb Goonhavern Athletic (Jason Busby) 1-4 Carharrack (Ed Wilton, Ryan Stephens, Bradley Leivers, Mark Hollands) Att- 41 Hayle (Cameron Irish, Kieran Harris) 2-3 Helston Athletic Reserves (Ben Stidwell, Dan Stidwell, Jack Hannaford) Att- 35 Ludgvan (Ross Badcock) 1-0 Redruth United Att- 50 Perranporth (Kayne Trevaskis, Gavin Perraton) 2-2 Illogan RBL Reserves (Kurt Long 2) Att- 70 Perranwell (Dominic Pullen 4) 4-3 Mullion (Joe Bray, Marcus Smith, Sean Haskill-Mills) Att- 42 RNAS Culdrose (Ashley Spinks, Dylan Plenty, Paul Wright) 3-2 Holman SC (Shane Richards, Jack Mankee) Att- 9 St Day (Tom Langford, Rob Hosking, Matt Witts) 3-2 Porthleven Reserves (Fraser Paterson, Liam Hunter) Att- 40 St Ives Town (Joel McWilliams 2) 2-2 Penryn Athletic Reserves (Toby Clarke, Liam Jarvis) Att- 25 Supplementary Cup Preliminary Round St Just (Andrew Curnow, Toby Angwin) 2-4 St Agnes (Luke Wort, Mark Bell, Matt Roberts, Sam Mansfield) Att- 35
  7. We are probably the biggest sleeping giant in Cornish Football. Being in the far West of the County with Cornwall's Premier rugby team across the road it is/was always going to be difficult to attract sponsorship into the club. When did Penzance start to go downhill? Not when Mr Mewton was there but before then when Dicky Evans took over the Pirates. We could not compete with their full time commercial managers hoovering up all the local sponsors and backers. We could not compete with them climbing the leagues to the Championship. We would be outside Penlee Park on a Saturday watching supporters who had been with us for years almost running past the ground hoping we didn't notice them as they made their way to watch the Pirates. Money is tight down our way, people can only afford one or the other, football or rugby. Yes we paid out travelling money but we realised a few years ago that for a local club in Cornwall it is impossible to break even no matter what league you play in, SWPL, East, Combo, Trelawny, Duchy. Don't come back to me and say such and such a team breaks even as they don't. They have sugar-daddies who put their hands in their pockets. Even the clubs at the top of SWPL Premier would not survive without off the field backing. We all know it but most won't face up to it. Well at Penzance we did. We stopped paying out for cars that must have engines so knackered that the must have only been doing 5mpg. We worked out a fair cost for people to come to training or matches. We lost a few players and suffered for it but we kept our head above water. As the BBC report says we are debt free, how many clubs can say that. We need to get the floodlights fixed but can only do it when we can afford it, If we don't have the money we do not go cap in hand. One reason we needed to do our Crowdfunding campaign last year. We thought we raised enough but the lights were in a worse shape than we thought. I was on the Committee at Penzance for quite a while calling it a day at the start of this season to concentrate on the Combo Website. We were/are totally committed for the club to succeed but not at the expense of the club. No short term glory for long term loss. Our club is not like that any more. I am grateful for every player who has put on the famous Black and White of the Magpies over the years, and hope to see a slow but steady rise up the ranks.
  8. Here begineth the lesson. Mullion played an ineligible player and won the game. They lose the three points for that. We all agreed. Next, they were due to play at home to Newquay Reserves who could not make it as they could not raise a side. Mullion awarded three points. Still with me? Now the hard bit. The FA in it's wisdom say that all figures must tally up at the end of the season so all games not played HAVE to be recorded as 0-0 draws. Still towing along? This means on the pitch Mullion's (even though the current table says reading across 25-6-6-13) results should read 24-6-5-13. The minus and plus 3 points cancel themselves out giving them 23 points. The extra game and draw is the FA ruling. If they had not lost the 3 points they would read 25-6-6-14 with a total of 26 points! Lesson over.
  9. Why the fuss about the Carharrack game being postponed? It is not as if their opposition are going to lose the points they might have won. They game will be played at a later date I have nosed down there myself in the past and the strip down the far side that was cleared away (where they were told to do it by the league when they applied to join), is usually soaking underfoot. I have it from the Horse's Mouth the reason Carharrack did not apply for promotion is the fact that they want to spend their money improving their pitch, and set up, for the future, not spend it on travelling, etc in the SWPL.
  10. You would think that running the website would give me some idea of how a game is going to go. No chance. From now on I am going to copy Smeethy09
  11. I have now completed the list with all the seasons that I have got on my laptop. Still missing anything we can find on seasons 1993-2009. Currently last on the list is Ryan Trathen.
  12. Wadebridge 0-4 Penzance. Is the great escape on?
  13. Div 4 Ruan Minor 6-3 Penzance Reserves Magpies soundly beaten, 4-0 down at half time. Second half a much better performance, with Pz bossing last 20 mins of the game. 5 of the Ruan goals were set pieces, 2 throw-ins, penalty, free-kick and corner. Pz must learn to defend them. Great set up down there with the new clubhouse, really decent people, plenty of grub for the players and a new TV that seemed to have a mind of it's own!
  14. Think you are good at scoring or preventing goals. I have started a new page on the website called HOT SHOTS. it lists any player who has scored 5 or more goals in a League or Cup (League or Supp) match. It will never be complete as there lots of high scoring games that we will never have the scorers for (unless you know different) Goes from 1959 to 1988 at present. It will be added too. Also still adding goals too the all-time list of players scoring over 100 goals. It goes from 1959 to end of 92/3 season and from 2008 to end of 15/16 season. You will notice on the first table not one player scoring 5 or more goals has been on a losing side. When complete I wonder if that record will stay.
  15. Csrharrack v Perranwell is postponed.