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  1. I know 10 nil is a hammering but credit to the Redruth boys kept running all game and deserved something from the game
  2. We are travelling too Mullion tonight and Helston are home to Godolpin
  3. Chin up smiler you will grow thick skin and it will be water off a ducks back and sometimes you will enjoy it ๐Ÿ˜†
  4. Known Adrian a long time we used to play against each other and he has not changed always fair
  5. Like your twisted logic willy 7. Complain at oppositions assistant because he in your opinion got it wrong and then say yours is too honest. ๐Ÿ˜†
  6. Darren Lewarne Trophy

    Was announced on saturday that because of the weather it was cancelled and would be available this Saturday coming
  7. Money in combo

    Remember back when I played.i was asked to play for a club and told they would get me a job as I was unemployed.true to my word I saw the season out with my club then moved.it has been going on for ever and always will.
  8. Darren Lewarne Trophy

    As from a Redruth Utd perspective I would like to thank all 3 officials for helping make yesterday a successful day for football with lots of people watching and enjoying 3 good games of football in typical Cornish weather. As well as the football it was about the community getting together and I think that was a good advert for local football
  9. Darren Lewarne Trophy

    Anybody know how Stu Peters ankle is today please
  10. Darren Lewarne Trophy

    On to tuesday when Redruth utd entertain Holmans. Thanks for all who turned up today hope to see you at the rest of the tournament
  11. Darren Lewarne Trophy

    Good crowd watching 3 good games today. Nice to see so many young players playing a good standard of competitive football.even the sun came out during the afternoon
  12. Darren Lewarne Trophy

    Looked okay tonight. We had pitch earthquaked in May so hopefully it will improve drainage
  13. Darren Lewarne Trophy

    We are putting up some gazebos for the supporters
  14. Darren Lewarne Trophy

    Rain expected but don't worry we are organising gazebos to shelter under for spectators