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  1. Yeah will sort out kits ready for you but we have a few bags
  2. Having spoken to some referees recently they have had enough and are either dropping down or thinking of finishing at the end of the season. And these are some of the more popular refs
  3. To be fair to ben he spent 9 monthso with the first team but needed game time which he is now getting.must say that the pitch was the best I have seen it today and with the trees cut down it looks bigger
  4. Chaseawater res.1 Redruth 7 RedRuth scorers Ben Alston 4 Simon barrand Dan grayson Callum salmon
  5. Okay will sort out. We have a Facebook page. Redruth united
  6. I can see the sense in combo and trelawney joining together in the fact that fewer people are involved on committees as people retire
  7. Div 2 Mawnan res. 4 Redruth utd res 3 Red scorers Ben Alston. Craig Board. Nicky Adams. Redruth draw level from 3 -1 down but Mawnan score in the last 5 to win the game
  8. Redruth United we play at clijah time you are in Cornwall give me a shout if could meet you somewhere.would like to get rid sooner rather than later
  9. Think Illogan where the last reserve team to win promotion but they won the league a few times
  10. A bit harsh on Pendeen local follower.Aĺl clubs go through hard times off the field and Pendeen are not the only club to withdraw voluntarily from a league both Wendron and Hayle dropped out of Penisula league and they have both turned things around.Look at what has happened to Penzance as well. Good luck to all the club's who have applied it is good to see so many with ambition
  11. Our mens football team are having a clear out and have an assortment of kits. Would they be of any use to you
  12. Just mean you set yourself a high standard and get frustrated with yourselves if you don't reach that standard.we have no problem with exiles had two good games against you. Just remember when we played down yours we took the lead and yes you went on to deservedly beat us 4-1 but you started arguing amongst yourself because you don't like losing which is good but sometimes you just need to chill
  13. What annoys me most about this is that both players enjoyed the game and neither complained just got up and got on with the game yet! Every man and his dog are making an issue after watching countless replays.TV is ruining our game
  14. I think Exiles are their own worst enemy because they set themselves too high a standard and get frustrated when they don't reach it. But that is all good luck too them
  15. When are you publishing your life story mate would be a good read. Remember playing against you when you were a young lad at Newquay with those shiny legs and tucked up shorts