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  1. Percy Stephens cup Redruth utd 0 Hayle 2
  2. I know the chairman Paul very well and know how gutted he will be feeling this evening. Yes as the figure head of the club he will feel responsible but one man can only do so much so please do not lay blame so easily and remember how far the club has come in such a short time. Rome was not built in one day
  3. Dobie back in the 1980's when I played for illogan they had 3 teams at the beginning of the season every player signed South Western. Combo and Mining league forms. Which meant we could fulfill any fixture
  4. What other teams do you think then
  5. Not sure how much roughly£1400 for 2 teams. 18 grass cuts a year nets put up changing rooms and showers when working.but we get our nets put up because of the 4 pitches. This is whywe have our own mower and last summer we put roughly 5 dumpy bags of topsoil in the far goalmouth plus turf. We start work again straight after our last home fixture in may to try and improve the surface. I think I am right in saying we have only called off two games because of the pitch this season so we are heading get in the right direction but it takes time and money
  6. Gutted for your club because it's difficult to raise funds as it is but to have two stolen is very unlucky. Hope you get lucky
  7. We at redruth United work with the council but seem to be doing more and more because of their ever reducing budget.we have our own mower recently purchased and if we spend the money on turf exetra they will lay it but we have had to water and nurture it ourselves
  8. Heard Newquay are going to east cornwall not trelawney
  9. Making nothing of it I signed the form before the game to be fair I should imagine he has played better games. Yes we lost but had good banter on the pitch and back their pub after
  10. Just to let you know I have condensed it into two bags but they are not light.text me when you leave Truro then we will know you are 10 minutes away. Safe journey see you sunday
  11. Kane played against us for mabe
  12. Good job I check nigel thanks
  13. Which train are you coming down on
  14. Lots of narrow minded people on this site. Don't know the two guys personally but to take a combo side as far as they have in a short space of time is very commendable and as players leave your skill in bringing players in enhances your standing in my opinion. Enjoy your time off and I am sure other clubs will be queuing for your services
  15. Disappointed when reading mine today.half way through i had to put it down because the Mrs wanted to go out