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  1. The clubs get checked and have to update regularly to stay in the league because we are updating our details at present. On another note will the combo league be adopting the charter standard if the two leagues join together. I know that trelawney clubs with combo sides are already covered but if say Perranwell do not get excepted into the league would they have to get qualified. Not saying they will not get voted in just using them as an example
  2. I agree with Bobjfh share any concerns at the AGM to the applying clubs before the vote.pexpletives will work out from the answers how organised these teams are. Don't forget there will be a lot of experience in the room on wednesday. Most of the club reps have been to one or two meetings. As stated above by Steve current members would have to provide a 5 year plan as well and with the experience we have seen before you can have a 20 year plan but if a whole team walks away from your club you are up a Creek without a paddle
  3. Do that every week dave you can retire from the navy😉
  4. Training starts today at Clijah croft 2pm followed next Tuesday 6.30pm all players present and new welcome
  5. Thought your combo team are playing in the Darren Lewarne tournament 22nd And 29th july
  6. Just to let you know it's not for me.just thinking that there must be people new to the game who don't know where to go. My thoughts are do we advertise that help enough! Been around too long not to know
  7. When the trelawney league was started we were told that in theory a club could go from division5 all the way up to the premier league.I know division 5 has gone but is there any way clubs could get help with the organisation off the pitch for this.I know it is a bit far fetched and I expect the answer to be the ccfa but! Should there not be more thought put in to the running of clubs from those above then maybe clubs are more likely to stay around.
  8. Wednesday 28th ?
  9. This sums up the British mentality. Mousehole have put a lot of work into laying foundations to take the club forward and all people can do is make negative comments. Good luck to all at Mousehole even if you fall flat on your face at least you tried
  10. Redruth United start training on the 24th at clijah croft would love to see you we have 2 teams
  11. Where will they all play! Newlyn common if so could do with a bit of work first. Good luck either way may be an outpost but would be great for penwith
  12. We have this problem at redruth not because they don't want to play for the reserves but the reserves can only play 2 senior players so they look elsewhere for game time. I do agree if you sign for a club you only play for that club.that would mean changing the registration rules in cornwall
  13. Understand that Wendron official but I would have thought a younger age group to start with
  14. Drove through praze yesterday and no posts up on the old pitch
  15. Where will they get these boys from.cherry picking from existing clubs ?