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  1. I take it back, we'll have your 2nd team Fingers🤣🤣🤣
  2. With all due respect to Torpoint 2nd team, if they are not considered good enough for the 1st team, why would they be good enough for Callingtons?
  3. Can't go through the player to win the ball Fingers!!
  4. Suprised Bodmin didn't have any subs available last night!
  5. #some clubs# Not CTFC.......
  6. Callington v Plymouth Parkway on tuesday, ref from Torquay! £64! Last season we played ivybridge away in the only game in the SWPL that night, ref came from Bideford!!
  7. Not of the required standard anymore apparently!!
  8. Not your fault MattP obviously, but Cally have played once in 14 weeks!
  9. Callington Town v St Blazey OFF Failed referees inspection
  10. I never implied the pitch was why we lost! We lost because we were terrible! My point was "Uwdi" thought the Saltash pitch was bad.....
  11. On a badly rutted pitch the ball was bobbling all over the place and certainly affected any real attempts to play any form of a passing game. If you think the pitch last night was bad, you would love Newquays!
  12. Callington Ladies 7 St Agnes Women 1 Played at Tavistock 3g
  13. Doesn't like being taken off.....
  14. Game off. Pitch already unplayable and heavy rain due overnight and tomorrow