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  1. Some team called England have a couple of games in June apparently. Football never stops.
  2. The cup final is always interesting, just not always entertaining. After recent events just hoping for a trouble free evening, decent seats and the right result, of course!
  3. Think you have answered your own question! These things must be done from the top down and surprises often appear late in the process proving assumptions wrong. Patience is the only way.
  4. But Combo sides and others below Step 7 are allowed to play in the "Senior Cup".
  5. I did think that would be the way to do it. Great minds eh DD? Hey with 1 good prediction I could finish 5th.
  6. Sat with me at Wembley for the SF v Tott and did that the next day! Life's a bitch eh?
  7. Godolphin Atlantic 1-2 Cullompton Rangers Launceston 1-3 St Austell Saltash United 2-0 Falmouth Town St Blazey 1-2 Exmouth Town Tiverton Town Reserves 2-0 Torpoint Athletic
  8. Bodmin Town 8-0 Witheridge (7.45 pm) Plymouth Parkway 1-3 Tavistock (7.30 pm)
  9. Callington Town 1-1 St Blazey Cullompton Rangers 2-0 Launceston Exmouth Town 1-0 Plymouth Parkway (7.45 pm) Helston Athletic 0-4 Torpoint Athletic (7.45 pm) Tavistock 1-1 Bodmin Town
  10. Newquay 1-4 Falmouth Town Saltash United 6-1 Ivybridge Town
  11. Camelford 2-1 Exmouth Town Cullompton Rangers 1-2 Bodmin Town Launceston 2-0 St Blazey
  12. From League Fb page & Tweet: South West Peninsula League Don't like to comment on rumours, but can confirm Tiverton Res are withdrawing at the end of the season. Was only ever speculation not fact!
  13. Firstly, if Newquay and St Blazey are relegated, one team (say Holsworthy) would be moved from West to East. The relegation from/promotion to E & W would then proceed as you think.
  14. Camelford 2-1 Ivybridge Town Falmouth Town 2-0 Torpoint Athletic Launceston 1-1 Cullompton Rangers Newquay 1-2 Exmouth Town Plymouth Parkway 3-1 Helston Athletic St Austell 4-0 Tiverton Town Reserves Tavistock 6-0 Godolphin Atlantic Withering 0-4 Saltash United