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  1. ECPL

    This all started because of a team pulling out of the ECPL before the season starts. Unfortunately the ECPL is not the only League, a Trelawney League Club folded recently and now Launceston College Phoenix has withdrawn from the Duchy Premier Division. As I have mentioned in previous posts, its not just about the administration of the League(s), its how County FA's are governed by the FA. Days are long gone where players turn up for a game of football, pays their subs and go, its like running a business. Devon are also suffering with Clubs folding, as well as Clubs around the Country. Pub teams, as they used to be called, need rules to be more relaxed, where players can enjoy their football etc etc. Members should be entitled to their opinions, but in a constructive manner. Having a pop at someone is not being constructive. Dave is right in blocking posts.
  2. Another team late withdrawal from the Trelawney League, Can confirm Marazion have folded. The new manager pulled out last min and has gone to manage Hayle 3rd's. Also heard Mousehole have approached Marazion about using the pitch for the coming season.
  3. I have to agree, such a lost. John Cooper put a lot of time and effort into the Club. They may reform again, but not to the same level as before.
  4. Personally, I think it is better with 2 divisions, otherwise you could end up like the old South Western League. There may come a time when the ECPL may have to have one division, would you still have relegation to the Duchy league. Or even amalgamate with the Duchy League. Worse case scenario, no league(s) at all Over the years a lot of leagues have had to cut back due to lack of pitches, match officials and the cost to run a football, travelling etc etc. Minimum of £1300 per season. Then you have got the admin side of the club. It can be an absolute nightmare. Having a pop at the League does not help. If they think they are a joke, then I suggest they put their name forward next season and join the committee. Everyone involved in a Club or local league do it voluntarily, just like having a full time job in some cases. You will never please anyone though, some people live in the past and cannot move forward. Local football has changed a lot over the last few years
  5. Too many teams in the ECPL, how do you work that out ????. 2 divisions, not likes it 4 or 5 divisions. Are you connected with any team ?
  6. Unfortunately Vospers in no more, as Panda has rightly said they have no reserve team, they struggled last season, they could not get a team in place for the new season. From what I can understand not for the want of trying either.
  7. Sticker Twitter

    There will be a few managers blowing fuses
  8. Major Shock

    Very very sad to read this. Only been there a couple of times, the welcome was superb, great facilities and pitch was the best in the County, my opinion. Wish Penryn the very best, and hopefully back in SWPL soon
  9. SIn Bins and Duchy amalgamation was not on the agenda as it was not proposed and seconded. The same with the idea of splitting the league into East and West, an email was circulated but not proposed and seconded. Yes it was a quick meeting 1hr and 5mins
  10. Think you may Ernesettle pitch failed an inspection to join the SWPL a couple of years ago. For local leagues, its not an issue. MattP is also spot on about Looe being promoted. It appears some people come on hear to have a pop at the ECPL. The Clubs voted on the proposal for Looe to be promoted, end of.
  11. The only incentive the lads will get is a weekend in Minehead for winning the league/cup double

    Which is what I said in my earlier post about the implications of Bodmin pulling out of the league. Thursday will be interesting

    All fixtures for the season are completed. Partkway and Bodmin are promoted. Bodmin have given notice of withdrawal for next season. Liskeard who finished 2nd from bottom should not be relegated. If Bodmin had pulled out before the season had finished, Looe would be promoted along with Parkway and the bottom 2 teams in the Premier Division would be relegated. Bodmin would still have to attend the any meetings and possibly the AGM because they are still a Member of the ECPL for the current. It can get complicated, but we shall see at the AGM
  14. has not set their status