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  1. Your so right Rappo Kevin and his team showed real class and true sportsmanship by their actions at the end of the game! If I had known you were there I would have introduced myself to you, perhaps we will meet up soon!
  2. Thereby lies the problem Keith if the top class referees allow these overpaid prima donnas to get away with it the grass roots footballers just follow suit! The trouble is it could end up with not many players left on the field. But to be sure an example has to be made. You only have to look at Rugby which can be a much more brutal game but hardly any dissent !! Time to introduce the sinbin in soccer methinks!
  3. And a strange problem occurred when I posted my reply as explained by Bruegel! Thanks for the congrats Dave it has been a special season for the Sticky boys and all at the club lets hope they can get the win next week to wrap it up for sure! I am sure there is someone on the forum that knows the answer to your last point! Ray
  4. you missed out the sticker v millbrook match!!
  5. It wasn't that busy We Two but flippin windy! The Sticky scorers were S.Kenny, A.Avery, J.Bowyer(Of Course) and C.Kenny on his debut! Nearly there boys!
  6. Holsworthy 2 Sticker 3 (J.Bowyer, A.Butler, O.G.) Sticker Maintain their amazing unbeaten run!
  7. Not at all he just has tremendous support from the rest of the squad, manager and coach who know how to get the best from him!
  8. Thanks for that Lee! You did us a favour!! Evidently a Croatian player has cored 5 consecutive hat-tricks so Jack has only equalled the world record!!
  9. Should go in the Guiness book of records then if it is! We shall have to wait and see!
  10. Sticker 4 Elburton Villa 2 (J.Bowyer(3), F.McAvoy(Pen) Sticker win this feisty encounter with Jack Bowyer again scoring a hat trick! He now has 40 goals in all competions this season!
  11. Sticker 4 Liskeard 0 (J.Bowyer(3), M.Body.) Another win and clean sheet and another Hat-Trick for Goal Machine Jack in the Box Bowyer!!
  12. Don't worry Lee I got it right in my report on our website! It was a cracker!
  13. Sticker 4 St Dennis 3 (J.Bowyer(3), J.Cockings Pen) What a cup tie! A credit to all the players to be able to perform in atrocious conditions!
  14. What was Lee Rickard doing playing for the 2nd team when the SWPL West team he usually plays for lost! Paul has been much maligned in the past but if the players just get on with playing football and give him the respect he deserves he will always try and let the game flow! He is an excellent ref and I know how old he is Chris!!
  15. Wadebridge 1 Sticker 5 (J.Bowyer(3), S.Kenny, S.Marchant) And another win for the Sticky boys and first goal conceded since last October!