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  1. Bodmin where brilliant tonight played lovely football and gave a masterclass on passing they where just a joy to watch and that man Carter helped himself to 5 goals tonight hes some player but i will give mom to JAKE ASH who was brilliant and the Newquay goalie did some brilliant saves even if he did let in 8 he is my mom for Newquay dont knowif it was Prentice or Crane in goal but whoever it was played very well . The weather was shocking to watch football in wind and driving rain and my poor Smokie dog was shaking with the cold so left before the end of the match .Well done Bodmin for a brilliant display of great football and no Dan Sullivan tonight . Thanks for Bodmin assistant manager think hes called Terry Huddy for telling me best way to get to the ground Saturday week when i will be going to Bodmin to see them take on Plymouth ARGYLE Res that should be some game and good luck to Bodmin in the easter monday final vs Saltash got to fancy Bodmin for that match . Hard luck Newquay but tonight it was boys against men but WItheridge should be a easier match good luck to the peppermints on Satday i will be at St Blazey
  2. I will stick to my 2-1 prediction to Newquay Mark because i think Bodmin will rest some players because of the Easter Monday final im glad Newquay are not playing any of the County lads because the County came is more important and its the biggest game so far the likes of Jack and Cam will play in . Looking forward to the match anyway Ihave also heard that Tiverton are pulling out there manager Patmore has left or going end ofthe season he said he cant take the team on any further so Newquay may have a chance of staying up by default hope Blazey do as well
  3. Big game at Mt Wise tmmrw when Bodmin town play the peppermints just got a feeling Newquay may get a resut so im going for a 2-1 win to the Peppermints i know its wishful thinking propbarly be 6-0 to Bodmin shoud be a good contest O Hagan VS Carter and its usualy Carter who comes out on top against most defenders i think hes a brilliant player a good old centre forward .I will be up there early to get some photos of the Bodmin team warming up and some during the match before it gets too dark .So come on Peppermints the great Escape is still on
  4. Dont think Ryan lane is a professional hes been there a few years saw him couple of years ago score a briliant goal for Argyle in a pre season friendy vs Yeovil and he scored a briliant Volley vs Blazey a couple of weeks ago but hes never near the 1st team
  5. 3 Professionals ,TANNER ,BULVITIS ,AND GARITA
  6. Exmouth 2 - Torpoint 0 Tiverton Res 2- Launceston 2
  7. Callington 0- Plymouth Parkway 3 Camelford 0 -Plymouth Res 5 Newquay 2 - Bodmin 1
  8. Thanks Stevie we are fine just unusual not going to a footy match today but got lots to come starting with Newquay vs Bodmin this tues and a shock could be on the cards well i hope but can see Mr Carter getting another hat trick .Hope Hayle do play Godolphin next year you will get a good welcome from all the friendly people at the G well they usually are before the match not been so good after the matches lately where they have been losing most weeks
  9. Be down to watch Bodmin in 2 weeks Leeds Utd when Plymouth Argyle Res are playing there and think it should be a good game will have to leave Smokie dog in the car because of the stupid ruling there no dogs allowed we will be at St Blazey next week to see Saltash play there he got a warm welcome last week and it was nice talking to supporters .Going to watch the Senior Cup final at Helston that should be fun never been to Helston or there ground getting football withdrawall symptons today so going cinema at Truro to see Power Rangers with son and Grandson i will be wearing my Power Rangers outfit . Hope everybody has a good day watching there footy hope Newquay can get a win today
  10. Thanks Mattelot very confusing with someone with the name 110% Cornish think he could of come up with something different i havnt said a word this time but i will be up there ties night shouting on the peppermints hoping they can beat Bodmin and stay in the league i just got a feeling Newquay and St Blazey will both stay in the league they need to for Cornish football .Think u need to get the right person Leeds Utd look closely im 100% Cornish
  11. Callington 4-St Blazey 1 Camelford 1 - Callington 1 Helston 3 - Godolphin 1 Ivybridge 2 - Falmouth 2 Argyle Res 3 - Bodmin 2 Parkway 3-Torpoint 0 Saltash 4 -Launceston 1 St Austell 4- Exmouth 1 Witheridge 1- Newquay 3
  12. Plymouth Argyle Res 3 - St Austell 1 Newquay 0- Bodmin 5
  13. This supporter said they are looking to go into the EVO STICK whatever league that is
  14. I also heard a rumour about Tiverton Res on Saturday from a Plymouth Supporter at St Blazey he said Tiverton Res are pulling out of the league due to costs and the manager Warren Patmore is resigning because he cannot go forward anymore with the club also heard that Plymouth Res are also looking to pull out as well due to the travelling costs but only rumours
  15. I went and watch St Blazey play this afternoon because i had to pick my son up from the railway station saw Plymouth Reserves dish out a real lessons of how to play good football there passing was spectacular and there 3 goal was a whole team effort about 20 passes finished with a tremendous shot into the net Plymouth had 2 1st team players Bulvitas and Garita In there team Garita was really good until he went off at half time injured St Blazey where poor and where tottally outclassed by a young Plymouth side .Tornado Bello had a couple of good runs but was too greedy when he had the ball and seemed to want to take on the whole Argyle team on his own .Looks like Blazey and Newquay are now doomed such a shame for 2 fine teams with a history of sucess tobe relegated