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  1. Got talking in the waiting room at Treliske hospital this afternoon to a Truro supporter he said they are going to invite the 2 Ladnricmbe lads to join for preseason training Ryan Barnes is staying at Falmouth and Ryan Richards is leaving Saltash and going to Tavistock to replace Hobbs more rumours but i cant see Ryan Barnes going to Penzance hes too good to drop down a league would x to see himin goal at Godolphin Way hes very similair to old goalie Sean Semmens
  2. So the G have got there new manager hope he does well bit of a journey from down Potheleven awful bloody roads from there as well maybe he will bring some of the Porthelevn players to Godolphin Way and get them back playing like they know they can because after Christmas they just went to pieces .Jamie and Russ did a great job at the G but u could see the team was struggling without Jamie in the team and Sean in goal .Lookin forward to pre season getting withdrawal symptons but got a nice weekend in London to watch Exeter City vs Blackpool and Cornwall vs Lancashire and Exeter Chiefs vs Wasps and i get to see my son as well so should be great
  3. Hes said it himself on his twitter account he thanks St Austell for 3 great years he would be a great signing for BODMIN class player
  4. Be good to meet u Rayvon and Smokie will like to meet u as well not so sure about the Winalot hes use to Rump Steak and Lamb Chops , i will be there with my camera as usual in front of the burger van by the players entrance .You enjoy your summer break as well going to be long and boring until the pre season friendlies come around .Take care and have a good day im off to Cardiff for a week not looking forward to it my knee is full of Arthritis and in agony at the moment but got to go because train is already booked so going to look around the Millenium Stadium and hide away there until the Champions league cup final lol
  5. Half of 1st team and Reserves in both games hope they play at Truro as well in a pre season friendly
  6. sticker Joel Cockings , Andy Butler PEN and Jack Bowyer marvellous goal dont know who got Penryns goal
  7. Well done Sticker for a 3-1 win vs Penryn ,this game was over at half time with Sticker going in 3-0 up but the game could of been different if Penryn had taken there chances and they where punished by Sticker taken theres , Jack Bowyer scored a class goal with a great lob over the Penryn goalie and he was a handfull all night and hes my man of the match . Lovely evening to watch the match with a real good crowd thought the young linesman in front of me was excellent and the ref was ok but did make a couple of dodgey decisions especailly for Stickers pen
  8. Not a lot on tv tonight theres justs so many cooking programs on its a joke . Right off to the footy at Godolphin Way lovely evening for the match should be a good 1 dont know nothing about Penryn so i got to say Sticker to win 4-0 with Jack Bowyer getting a hat trick and Mike Body the other .Been to Stickers ground its lovely with really friendly people there and lookin forward to going there when the season gets under way again .Good luck to both teams tonight
  9. Well done to the St Austell boys pity the match wasnt played in Cornwal would of been a bigger crowd dont know what the crowd was but sure lots of Cornish folk would of gone to see the match if nearer i would of for 1
  10. No Taxman Godolphin already signed them both for a pint and a pasty
  11. Just hand out ear plugs to the spectators bad language is part of the game im sure people would miss the docile tones of Mr Gilbert in the Bodmin dugout out hes just a example but what a good manager
  12. St Austell 2- Exmouth 1
  13. He never came down with the qpr team
  14. Ok Tavi is in Devon thought a high tide had washed them across the Tamar