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  1. What a game that was the G where brilliant in the 1st half and u would find it hard to pick out a mom and went in 2-0 up at the break with a goal from Tyler Cheshire and Jamie Shepherd a Tiverton player lost his head and head butted a G player Tivvy down to 10 me 2 half Tiverton where brilliant and Dominated the game but they had a lot of help from the G goalie Josh Gilbert who let in a tame shot and just doesnt look good when coming for crosses from corners and flapped at them to bring Tivvy back into the game and desrved there victory after a amazing 2nd half come back .My man of the match well it was Jamie Shepherd who was brilliant but the 2nd half it was just wave wave after wave of Tiverton pressure and mom for rhem was the no6 there captain who played a real captains roll driving his team forward but this game should of ended 3-3 when The G missed a sitter near the end of the match but the Tiverton goalie made a outstanding save .Another tough match next week the G home to Exmouth The Ref had a real tough game today and more players could of been heading for a early bath the Gs Ross Fallens was 1 who was very lucky to stay on hte pitch
  2. The G will have to be at there best this afternoon to get anything at Godolphin Way against Tiverton Res this afternoon im going to say it will be a draw possibly 2-2 ,and i have got myself a new camera off E bay after my other 1 was pinched while on holiday .Look forward to seeing a good crowd there cheering the G on THIS AFTERNOON .
  3. Bodmin 3- Exmouth 1 Cullompton 0- St Austell 4 Falmouth 2 - Callington 0 Godolphin 2 - Tiverton Res 2 Helston 3- Wiheridge 1 Plymouth Parkway 1 - Saltash 3 St Blazey 2 - Ivybridge 2 Torpoint 1 -Lauceston 1
  4. Back from a strange game where Callington will think they have been robbed the GS 1st goal the ref had blown for a foul and all the Calli players stood still and Phil LOWRY scored for the G all hell let loose then with Callington players and management having a go at the ref but this wasnt the only controversy in the match Tornado Bello for Calli went on a great run beating G player after G player all of a sudden hes flat on the ground pen everybody thought eccept the ref play on , Tornado and Calli goalie then exchange words why he didnt pass when he had made such a good run . Little Tiago for the G was showing off his skills but his final ball just wasnt good enough and i dont now how a Calli player didnt get booked when he took the little ld out with a awful foul .Not the best of matches for us hardy souls men women kids and dogs to stand there freezing but we do love it .My Man of the match goes to the Gs Aaron Dilley for stopping a Tornado and putting in great tackles and also hes got the cutest little dog u r ever likely to see i thought the Calli captain had a real good match and he was my mom for them.Onto next weeks match now when hopefully i will have a camera to take some pics .Well done the G for a lucky win 2-0 with goals from Phil LOWRY and T yler Cheshire with a tap in
  5. Off to Godolphin Way to stand in the freezing cold and hopefully see a good game and good win for the G think they will win 4-1 but my predictions are usually crap i put a £5 bet on before the season Leicester City would get relegated thats looking good .It will be strange watchin the footy this afternoon with no camera to take pics of the match some little shite in Tenerife took my camera so im trying to bid for 1 on E bay . Look forward to seeing u all at Godolphin way wrap up warm im going to get the thermals on .
  6. Exmouth 2 - St Austell 3 Godophin 4 - Callington 1 Helston 3 - Cullompton 0 Tavistock 6- St Blazey 1 Qtr Final Senior Cup Ludgvan 0- Bodmin 10 Millbrook 1- Newquay 3 Saltash 6- Holman Sports 0 Torpoint 1-Falmouth 4
  7. just go back to the old south western league justhaving Cornish clubs in the league
  8. Callington 1- Torpoint 1 Collumpton 2- Camelford 0 Ivybridge 1- St Austell 5 Launceston 1- St Blazey 1 Newquay 2- Exmouth 1 Plymouth Parkway 4- Helston 1 Saltash 5- Falmouth 2 Tavistock 2- Bodmin 1
  9. Hi Leeds Utd i tottally disagree with you about Bray Evans he was getting stuck in winning tackles from where i was standing he was the really only class player in the Newquay team and his goal was pure class even though Plymouth Goalie Dorrel was miles outside his goal but it was still a fine goal.As for my opinion about Jack Rapsey maybe McKELLAR while take my advice and play him more instead of putting him on the bench every week he put Danny o hagan at centre half when i suggested it on here Rapsey is a good player but like against Plymouth yesterday he has got a mouth on him and he could of been booked against Plymouth when he came on yesterday . Him and Jack Scott would be a good combination
  10. Such sad news one of Newquays finest players and was a nice man as well him and his brother Graham where 2 of Newquays greatest players when Newquay where 1 of the best teams around and where a force to be reckoned with Ray was 1 of the finest midfielders in Cornwall for Newquay and Cornwall seems so unfair that a nice man like Ray has been taken from us while evil nasty people still walk this earth . Hope all clubs have a minutes silence next week to show there respect i certainly will be showing mine at MT Wise next saturday vs Exmouth . Ray and Graham where my dads favourite players and he would always have a chat with them . Just awful news condolences to all Rays family he will be missed here in Cornwall R.I.P a great man a great player
  11. Hi Leeds i thought Jack Bray Evans had a fine game and scored a brilliant goal so bit harsh saying they couldnt string 3 passes together it was just the Plymouth youngsters where so much fitter dont think Luke Whelden had a kick all afternoon and Jack Rapsey should be given more games and i looked at the team sheet and wanderd where little Jack Scott was today he would of made a difference but the ARGYLE defence where well marshalled .I was hoping to see more Plymouth 1st team players but no regular players there ,think i will take a trip to St Blazey and to Bodmin when Plymouth res play down there ,they have a player called Alex Battle and i have heard hes going to be 1 for the future . Still say Well done Newquay but Newquay goalie Joe Crane treated the ball like a bar of soap today letting the ball slip out of his grasp for 3 of the 6 goals but he did some good saves as well
  12. Watched the Newquay match this afternoon in there 6-1 defeat to Plymouth Argyle Res the scoreline sounds bad but i thought NEWQUAY played well and scored the best goal with a great lob over the top of Plymouths goalie Dorrelby JACK BRAY EVANS all the Newquay goals where from errors and also poor goal keeping where Joe Crane pushed out the ball to oncoming Argyle players the scoreline doesnt really show how well Newquay played but this very young Argyle team playedsome lovely football and where a lot quicker to the ball than Newquay and where a lot fitter they had 2 professionals in there team in goalie Vincent Dorrel and hat trick player Lousi Rooney other Plymouth scorers where Ryan Lane and Billy Craske .A really good crowd up Mt Wise to watch the match . Man of the match Jack Bray EVANS and for Plymouth i thought Luke Jephcott for his wing play . Well done Newquay but beaten by a fitter team on the day
  13. Im just being realistic Leeds i dont like seeing my home town struggling but i have been told by someone connected with Plymouth Argyle that the peppermints will be facing a very strong Argyle side so only 1 outcome really . Its a Nikon camera and im still trying to work the bloody thing out so many buttons on it but going togive it a try .Hope Newquay give it a go they shouldnt be down at the bottom i still think they will stay up the league wont be the same if they do get relegated the same with St Blazey a fine club with lovely people there
  14. Ok onto Newquay it will be a hammering for sure and have heard there will be 9 1st teamers for Plymouth playing plus there new signing Sarsevic from Shrewsbury Danny O HAGAN will be marking Nathan Blissett for sure so that should be a good battle still looking forward to the match been lent a camera but cant work the bloody thing out
  15. Hoping to be up for this match after coming back from a awful holiday in Tenerife where myself and Partner where robbed b some scum bag who broke into our holiday appartment and stole my camera and 5oo euros and my Plymouth shirt and clothes as well and the hotel mangement didnt care a shit so people dont go to Tenerrife or stay in the BLUESEA APPARTMENTS CALLAUGARDENS ADEJE .So glad to be back home no place like Cornwall the people on the plane must of thought i was mad when i kissed the tarmac at Exeter Airport when i landed was so happy to be back . Looking forward to the match but without my camera i will be lost unless i can borrow my friends see u all up there bit colder here it was 26 in Tenerife yesterday but I love Cornwall So some little shit in Tenerife is wearing my Argyle shirt wearing my swimming shorts and listening to my mp3 player and has got the presents i got for my grandson i hope he gets cancer or something nasty happens to him the Police over there dont care a shit anyway got to keep smiling