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  1. Sat 22nd Games

    Well Bald one Bodmin up a hell of a show against a full Cardiff team they just ran out of steam and couldnt cope with Cardiffs top striker Zahore when he came on hes some player .I wouldnt be disprespectful to Tavi they are a fine team and hope they do well but not as well as the G
  2. Sat 22nd Games

    dont think the,y will be in top 6 they let in 21 goals in pre season didnt they against Plymouth Grimsby and CARDIFF but i expect they will go and win the league now bald one
  3. Sat 22nd Games

    I never said they would be in the bottom haf maybe 7th when u loose a player like Hobbs who scored 40 or more goals they will find it different even if they do have my fav striker Adam Carter playing for them and Sullivan who is a class player just think St Austell and Bodmin are stonger
  4. Sat 22nd Games

    No bald 1 i have seen Tavi twice in pre season and they where poor they will miss glyn HOBBS badly and now Krac has gone i think they will struggle to be in the top half
  5. Sat 22nd Games

    Godolphin are my no1 team but i watch Newquay as well when Godolphin arent playing at home but also go to St Austelll a lot and i expect this year Sticker as well Ilike Bodmins ground a lot but its more like a prison now u cant even look throught the fence to see the teams training now ,awful weather the other night poor Smokie was in the car for nearly 3 hours while i got soaking wet but enjoyed the game and Bodmin where very impressive i think the league will be between them St Austell and Parkway and maybe Plymouth Argyle res .Smokie is very partial to Poodles Leeds UTD he would propbarly eat it . Heard from a Newquay supporter that they have signed St Blazeys Tornado Bello would be a good signing if its true on his day hes brilliant but i saw him against Saltash last season and he just wasnt interested but hope he will be wearing a Newquay shirt .MY PREDICTIONS FOR THE LEAGUE 1 PLYMOUTH PARKWAY 2 BODMIN 3 ST AUSTELL 4 PLYMOUTH ARGYLE 5 SALTASH 6 GODOLPHIN
  6. Took a trip to Perranporth football ground today never been there very nice ground , Watched the Godolphin lads take on Perranporth it was a game of who can kik each other the hardest i thought the ref was shocking and he gave Perranporth a pen not even the Perran lads appealed for a pen Josh Gilbert in the G goal was sent the wrong way I saw one thing i have never seen today Kyle Brown went in hard a fair tackle on this Perran player he didnt like it and went off the pitch and wouldnt go back on the ref said to him are you staying off and he said yes it was strange .Phil LOWRY came off the benchnever talked to him before and scored a great equaliser and i think that was how the score finished 1-1 i had to get back home to goto the cinema only to find there was no tickets left .It was good taking to Derek Martin i have never talked to him before and i found him a nice bloke pity my dog couldnt get on with his dog my dog Smokie was a miserable bugger .Back to the match Tiago had a fine game again his little feet are magic when hes on the ball but he wasnt my man of the match that goes to Kyle Brown welcome back Kyle we all have missed your crunching tackles most of the Perranporth team would of felt them this afternoon OUCH .
  7. Hi Bobjfh Yes Smokie was feeling sorry for himself good job he couldnt talk after taking him to that match in that weather at least he wasnt in the awful weather the previous night at Bodmin ,I have seen Tavi, Saltash, Bodmin ,and St Austell in Pre season and i think St Austell where the stongest i have seen and the weakest team ihave seen is Tavi they will certainly miss Hobbs and Krac .Off to Perranporth tmmrw to see the G play down there 2pm kickoff hope it stays dry im getting webbed feet .Wont be long b4 the season now and i will be traveling down St AUSTELLin august to see them play Plymouth Argyle reserves .I thought Cardiff u23 played some lovely 1st touch football i agree Bobjfh the No4 was class and Martin Giles never has a bad game hes hard a real good player and Liam Eddy is a great player with a attitude he done a couple of off the ball kicks last night but hes got such a good football brain with a attitude . Hope everybody has a good weekend and the weather stays dry
  8. Tavi gor hammered last night versus Grimsby town i think Bodmin will be in top half of the league as well but very impressed with St Austell last night but Cardiffs 1st goal the player was completly unmarked in the St Austell box and had a easy chance to score unusual for St AUSTELL defence to go to sleep like that the whole St Austell team where very good last night
  9. Back from this match score was 2-2 whan i left St AUSTELL playing very well Will tinsley the pick of the players and Liam Eddy having a fine game ,left early soaked through and poor Smokie was wet and cold was hoping Neil Warnock may of been there with his 1st team players but there was no sign of him.i didnt hear the 50 /50 draw my no was 10895 and also i paid my £5 to get in i then bought a program and 50/50 ticket and was only given a £1 back u buggers owe me £2 lol St Austell will be a force again this season impressed with there 2 new signings Dan Richardson and Kirk Davies I was hoping more of Cardiffs 1st team where playing tonight but only 2 squad players played Decln John and Ibi Meite .So thats the end of my week of footy watching back to my knitting now

    awful weather Paul i would say about 500 there but could be more
  11. Just back from the football at Bodmin soaked through to the skin but was a good game Bodmin played very well and held there own until Kenneth Zohore came on for the 2nd half and they couldnt handle him hes a real good player ,it was 1-1at half time BeN Watson with a pen for Bodmin .I saw Neil Warnock and gave him a photo i took of him 17 years ago of him with my son when he came to Bodmin with his sheff utd team and won 8-0 there was a real nice thing Neil did tonight there was a young lad in a wheel chair getting soaking wet and Mr Warnock got him a waterproof to cover him up from the weather . Bodmin played some lovely football and will take some beating this season Ollie BROKENSHIRE and Harry EVANS both played well but my man of the match goes to Jake ASH . You have got to give credit to Darren Gilbert he has built this team up from scratch and they look really good.Glad to get home awful driving conditions Smokie was alright he was in the dry in the car .Onto St Austell tmmrw night to see them vs Cardiff youngsters and hopefully severel 1st team players will play hopefully Craig Noone and Morrison
  12. maybe in the bookies Paul
  13. A brilliant player a reall battler any team would love to have him seen him many times and he always has a good game no point playing this season just as well give the trophy to PLYMOUTH PARKWAY now i will stick to what isaid before they will win the league by a mile and will go the whole season unbeaten
  14. Watched a very impressive Godolphin team tonight vs Wendron some really good players in the G ranks the Goalie is very good he doesnt hesitate he shouts the whole match and looks very good the no4 Baker looks really good will see when how good when hes up against Hobbs and Carter but he does look good thought Kayne Trevaskis was good and it was good to see him back in a G shirt .Onto the match Wendron played quite well just there final ball let them down like the Gs Shooting at goal where they missed some sitters in the 1st half and went in 2-0 up at half time from 2 tap ins from Phil Lowry and Kayne in the 2nd half it was the Tiago Soares show he was just brillinat and the Wendron defence couldnt deal with him i think he caused 2 own goals and also got on the goal sheet himself it was 5 - 0 when i left with 5 mins to play dissapointing crowd there tonight but nice evening for watching the footy . Well done Godolphin and also for Wendron for making it a entertaining game . Off to Bodmin tmmrw night poor Smokie will have to stayin the car for about 3 hours while i watch the match and get photos .MAN OF THE MATCH TONIGHT EASY TIAGO SOARES HE WAS JUST BRILLIANT LOVED HIS STEP OVERS
  15. ivory toast the tavi team was 1 oak 2 Cross 3 Robins 4 Evans 5Dawe 6 Brown 7 Sullivan 8 Crago 9 Carter 10 Grant 11Hallet subs Hamilton 14 Shepherd 15 Rogers i would of said the attendance was over a 1000