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  1. Any news on season ticket sales.????? Last I heard they went past last seasons ,total sales. Not difficult,seem there were none.
  2. We will wait,and we will see. And TISA will continue to make money for Charity,from you sort of people who live in the fantasy world. Bottom half of the table,no play-offs. Want to contribute,to good causes.???????????????????????????????
  3. I have been away for nearly 3 weeks,and expected to come home with news of a few new quality signings,and the Truro squad taking a bit of shape. But as usual the whole atmosphere around the Club is depressing. As far as I can see we have signed just one player recently,Ben Harding who is a 32 year old midfielder who comes from a Club who had a worst season than TCFC and got relegated.Gosport. Aaron Dawson decided to stay at Gosport,even though they were relegated,despite TCFC trying to get him back. On the Official Website under TEAM,we have SEVEN PLAYERS. Other club's are pulling out of PSF's,and no big teams are being scheduled.I think so far we play Falmouth,Bodmin,Tiverton and Pete's Torquay. Good reason,not to play any big teams is ,with TCFC squad at the moment we would struggle to beat anyone. I can see maybe another couple of average signings,then its the usual,apprentices and youth players from the local League sides. Also heard that some interested sponsor's have refused to accept TCFC offers to come aboard,because Lee Hodges is still the manager,and cant see much changing from last season. Oh well,another long hard season,looks to be on the cards.At least TISA will be making money for their Charities.
  4. After looking into this story for more information,it is a very interesting situation. At the end of last season it appears this Under 16 set up,was disbanded with immeadiate effect from TCYFC,after some problems. It appears some of these lads have found other Clubs,but some have'nt. In steps Deba Sidhu and Ian Leigh. So this new set up with Truro City,dont seem to have any links with TCYFC. Lets hope Deba and Ian,have more than just football coaching skills.They may need them.
  5. I rest my case. Full of ££££.
  6. Ferguson was a football manager. Masters is a football Chairman. What rubbish you spout. You cant even " talk the talk ".
  7. The Chairman do not make any decision,for TCFC,which does'nt benefit himself. So has he made this decision for the good of Cornish Youth football.???? Or has he made it ,to help him in some particular way.??
  8. Haydn Jose.??
  9. Will this new Youth set up,be working with the current TCYFC,which is heavily funded by a certain ex TCFC owner,and still have the old emblem on their kit.?
  10. No,a bit further back than that.When Steve Massey was manager the first time,with players like Kirkup,Tallon,Tabb,etc.
  11. Add to that a Social Club and Clubhouse,that is only opened for a couple of hours on a match day. To think what that place used to be like. SHAMBLES.
  12. All the problems spoken about regarding,Truro City not being part of the community,having poor PR,and not having a Commercial manager,are because of one thing. Chuck in the Reserve team ,youth set up's and Ladies team all being dumped by the Club,and you have the problems that surround this whole shambles.
  13. Agree the Club needs to be built on solid foundation's,that would consist of top quality PR,with a good Commercial Manager and team,to build TCFC's name. The current owners are a million miles away from that situation. Hence ,we find ourselves in the current situation.
  14. ALEXIS SANCHEZ GOING TO BAYERN MUNICH,according to his Chilean teammate Arturo Vidal.
  15. Politics,Ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.