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  1. Interesting quote on a media website. Dont know if it is true. But they say a planning application have been approved,at SilverBow site,for Stables,Offices and a Gymnasium. Plan B, maybe.?????????????????
  2. TCFC can only beat what is in front of them. Some are saying it was a great performance.??????????????????????. I say its all about winning games now.Another 3 wins for safety,I think. Gosport are a very poor side,who will be relegated,so as you quoted a more difficult game awaits on Saturday against St Albans. Im afraid I will not be there,European football at Wembley with the Spurs,and a few days away.
  4. Well I have kept my 100% record.
  6. There are a few making a effort tonight. After comments on facebook from OSC members , about the atmosphere at Treyew Rd,I wonder why I am bothering TBH. They just cannot be quiet,always poking the stick into the hornets nest. When the conducter waves his stick,the orchestra plays the tune. While they were busy doing that,TISA was raising money for Charity.
  7. I will be going to Treyew Rd ,tonight. Have'nt seen TCFC lose at home this season,so let's hope it stay's that way. Oh sorry forgot.Its my first game. Desperate times,requires desperate measure's.
  8. Just to let you know Russell Keeble,TISA auctioned your shirt tonight,and raised £200 for your nominated charity. Not a bad bunch,are we,despite not singing at home games and creating a atmosphere. Shame you could'nt make it ,tonight.
  10. 19 attempts at goal ,and just one goal scored. So who sat on the bench for the whole of the game.Only one of the most prolific goalscorers Truro City will ever have.Stewart Yetton. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.
  11. This is what you get when a buisness man runs your football club. It is happening up and down the country,where these sort of people are in charge of clubs. So you are spot on.Why are they involved in football.? MONEY.
  12. Its got everything to do with the bloody Chairman. Who got rid of Steve Tully.? Who got rid of half of last season's squad.? Who has adopted this stupid process of loan signing's? How many players have been and gone this season.? Who keeps a manager who is out of his depth,and has lost the dressing room.? I can go on. But you would still defend him,even if I did.
  13. TRURO CITY 1 CONCORD 2. Absolute disgrace. How people like Russell Keeble comes on here and defend what the Chairman is doing at our Club,just beggars belief. Pull your head from your backside.
  14. I heard the Chairman as well.He told us nothing,that we dont already know. Russell I believe you better listen to supporters that are griping,because it certainly is not a small section.Are these the fans that are labelled "haters" by Mr Masters. Also I find it very comical Russell that you come out of hiding,once the Master has spoken. Oh well, I will see you on Monday for the TISA Quiz/Auction night,when TISA will be auctioning your shirt you gave us to raise money for your nominated charity.
  15. Here we are,its February 17th,and still not a speck of earth has been moved at the SilverBow site. All we hear about is "reserves". And poor old Russell Keeble got so excited before Christmas,that's what happen when you believe bull££££. Think I will remain a hater,as the Chairman calls anyone with a different opinion,to his own.