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  1. Nice one ,see you Saturday. Dont bring Father Christmas.
  2. Never nice, when money ,is involved. Ask TCFC's Chairman.
  3. Well Truro City travel to Bishop Stortford,next week,with the team in the exact position,that I predicted,and if it was not for other teams being just as bad,it could have been worse. Russell Keeble,looks like you lost your bet,and owe me some money. Are you at the game next week,if not I will be hunting you down.
  4. Its not good enough. TCFC have been turned from a team in the play-offs,to a team avoiding relegation ,thanks to other teams. Add to that the loss of our own promised Stadium,and the season has been a bloody nightmare. Dont celebrate failure.
  5. Looks like the children have been let out to play. Sorry only just got out of bed,after returning home in the early ours. The double,is now over,but after yesterday's performance,we dust our selves down ,and move onto Palace,then we put the children back where they belong,after we do the scum. Busy week after a little rest,Palace away on Wednesday,then Bishop Stortford on Saturday,and the NLD on Sunday. Its called following your team's.
  7. Lets hope Spurs can get a victory at Wembley tomorrow,for him. RIP UGO.
  9. Careful " older " you will be accused of all sort's,if you dont have a intelligent conversation ,about those s££t Woolwich Pikies. NORTH LONDON IS OURS. F.O. BACK TO WOOLWICH. NORTH LONDON IS OURS.
  10. Cant see Gosport winning at Concord. So I think a point for TCFC,will see them safe. But what a awful season after the previous efforts of Steve Tully and his team.
  11. Well he has the West Briton and Radio Cornwall in his pocket,so this just strengthen's his position in the Media.
  12. I have heard,that this weekend's issue will have a double page center spread on the thugs and hooligans that follow Truro City,and all the problems they cause poor old Pete.
  13. Very true.Not many words to describe the pile of s££t you follow.
  14. I hear Pete Master's is in line for a knighthood.