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  1. That is total bu££shit.Why earth would Truro play a part of the seaon at Treyew Rd until Bodmin is ready. Any deal with the owners of Treyew Rd would be for a season.They have got to subymit a ground where they will be playing next season. The Vanarama League,and the F.A . will not allow TCFC to say we will play at Treyew Rd until Bodmin is ready.. But maybe a drop down a few Leagues.?????? ,
  2. Dont worry,TCFC will not play at Bodmin next season. Its just Masters playing silly beggers,and he will announce next week that he is the hero,who has worked around the clock to get a deal to stay at Treyew rd another season,just like 12 months ago.
  3. If that is true,this Bodmin groundshare,may not be the good news everyone is saying it is.
  4. Rumours that were going around last year was that Bodmin offered to help TCFC,for this season,but the Club to even reply with an answer. Now it looks like Masters has gone running back to Bodmin,to help him out this season. A desperate man. With politition's now getting involved with TCFC,and their future,Masters looks like he is up a river without a paddle.
  5. I do believe the Chairman was questioning Lee Hodges constant team changes,when the Chairman would prefer a more settled line up. Well Mr Chairman,if you did'nt bring in this stupid idea of loaning players for 28 days,and using non contract players,coming and going,Lee may have had a settled squad,to pick from. I think it is now approaching 40 players that have come and gone so far this season,and the Chairman blames Lee about team selection. Dear me.
  6. If only people listened,to the few that predicted what might happen.
  7. Reserve team,shafted. Youth set up discarded. Ladies team kicked into touch. Terrible Club PR,no commercial enterprise. Employees booted out of jobs. No social events,at the Club house,which is only opened up on match days. Sacked one of TCFC best managers after achieving Truro's highest ever League position. Oh yes,this current regime are really shouldering responsibilities
  9. Never thought I would see the day. Mickey Burns getting compliments on TISA's social media And may I say,well deserved. Takes balls to admit you may have got something wrong.Fair play.
  10. You mean ,the same thing he done last year. Worked so hard to get another season at Treyew Rd.
  11. Do you mean,SilverBow may not be built.? No,really. Where is Russell Keeble.???????????? What do the OSC think.? Oh sorry they dont. More rubbish from the Chairman.It dont look like his plans,are going to happen.
  12. It was indeed a bad night,for Tom to return back between the sticks. A poor performance. Truro City are in big trouble,full stop,and we all know where it stems from. If Truro dont win at home to Whitehawk on Saturday,I would say they are doomed. I believe there were around 20 Truro supporters that made the the trip.
  13. Should have never let him go.Crazy to have no back up or competition for the goalkeepers jersey.
  14. Tom has been recalled from Weymouth,and goes straight into the squad for tonight's game at Poole. FARCICAL. The lad should have never gone in the first place.
  15. Well I can tell you Wenger has already signed a new 2 year contract. The Club are now trying to decide when will be the best time for the announcement. GREAT NEWS. THE FUTURE IS LILYWHITE.