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  1. St Austell looked very good in spells and again provided a great advert for local grass roots football! Eddy is looking sharp coming into the season - an outside bet for top scorer perhaps? The league is looking much more competitive this year I feel, and whilst Parkway are the favourites, I wouldn't discredit Saltash, St Austell or Tavy just yet - all have added to their squad.
  2. Money in combo

    I've heard about Carharrack are throwing big money around.
  3. Was a great advert for the ECPL this game. Millbrook look like they had some players out, but Tavy thoroghly deserved the win. Outside favourites this season?
  4. Penryn Athletic

    A cracking set up for the combo league. Adding real value there!
  5. With Godolphin retaining J Lowry and other players returning from previous seasons, adding a goal scoring winger in Young, along with the likes of Baker and Billy Westlake will only bolster what could be a great side again.
  6. ECPL

    This thread backfired massively.
  7. It's only pre-season but a good result considering the transfer window saw Falmouth lose some of their players. Who have they bought in?
  8. 5 games out of how many? Let the bloke live.
  9. Proved last season that he isn't a red card waiting to happen.
  10. Godolphin v Wendron (Tues 7.30 KO)

    Not looking like a great forecast for any Wednesday fixtures!
  11. Major Shock

    Played there a few times and they set up down there is too good to withdraw completely. Surely, given time, they could've pulled a team together? I hope they make a statement as it would be interesting to see why they have decided this.
  12. It will be a crying shame if Falmouth go down.
  13. Which was my point exactly... Get the best out of him and kerb out the immature crap.
  14. Are you a family member of his? Others on this forum have echoed my sentiment...
  15. The tired facilities of Falmouth... Overall, I prefer Saltash.