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  1. Callington's Twitter... Never been a stirrer!
  2. So are you going there on a managerial capacity then Dean, or as Gary's no.2?
  3. The rumour around the campfire is that Dean Cardew is looking to get back into SWPL management again next season by joining Callington. Heard he's looking to bring a couple of his mates with him from the Torpoint reserve and Duchy team. Will be interesting, watch this space...
  4. On a note relevant to the topic title, great to see Sammy scoring on his debut!
  5. There's also only so much you can say about one club.
  6. I forgot this thread was titled 'Plymouth Parkway' and not 'Launceston dig up Davey.'
  7. He was doing well at Bodmin from all accounts? Bit of a trek from Bude for midweekers mind...
  8. Listening to TalkSport and as one may imagine, there are mixed views on this. Would be interested to hear thoughts on this. In my opinion it's about time!
  9. Thought he was doing well at Bodmin, shame really.
  10. Such a shame for a club steeped in history. Having played for this club in the last, I've got some fond memories of that place. Very much hope they can hit that target and stay afloat!
  11. Rumour has it £25 and singing lessons!