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  1. Judging by the attendances at their away games, the rest of Cornwall and Devon like to watch Bodmin.
  2. If the top 3 finish on the same points and same goal difference, is it decided on goals scored?
  3. Shame they went to Tavistock and got thumped 10-1. Would have made the outcome of the title more interesting. Especially if it gets decided on goal difference.
  4. Had Christmas on my mind. No l.
  5. Heston can use some of the money taken through the tills on Monday to pay their fine
  6. I think Parkway will have a different manager next season. Someone who has managed at a higher level and won things.
  7. No doubt would have been a few more at Helston if those other Cornish sides never had matches. Straying from the subject a bit but feel sorry for Exmouth. Their run in the vase and in the league cup appears to have scuppered their promotion ambition. Any thoughts about the format of this seasons CSC. Is everyone in the hat from round 1 good or should the 1st round be contested by the lower league teams ?
  8. Thanks for that. Thought I'd noticed a bit of trivia about today's finalists. That they were the only two teams to progress in earlier rounds via a penalty shootout. However Cornwall FA show Saltash winning 4-3 in the first round. Is that right?
  9. That tends to apply to any game involving Bodmin. Always negative stuff, unless you are one of their handful of supporters. Hope the wind up merchants are not intending to go to the cup final.