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  1. I would say at the moment Rodney looking at the tables in the Combo it's Ludgvan promoted to SWPL and Newquay relegated and with Pendeen and West Cornwall in the top 4 of the Trelawny Premier they will be promoted to the combo replacing Newquay & Ludgvan...........I can sense your devastation at not making that midweek Newquay V St Just trip next season
  2. .......Or the Sunday before the Bank Holiday Monday to allow for any 'celebrations' to be fully enjoyed A day fixture has got to be so much better then a rush around at night match and allow more supporters and neutrals the opportunity to enjoy a day out.
  3. Apparently the junior cup was played Friday night!!!.........although you would hardly know. Not a single match report or comment on the game.....not even a referee comment which seems to be the rather annoying trend these days! For anyone interested St Miniver beat St stephens 3-1 (according to the county website) is it time to go back to the old format east v west played on Easter Monday prior to the senior cup final???? Might generate more interest for the county showpiece match for the lower leagues
  4. Personally i think a SIN BIN is a good idea if the result of a yellow card shown means 10min in the bin. Speculating here but i think you may see a reduction in yellows issued as the consequences are higher during the game for an infringement although the CCFA treasurer i'm sure would be devastated on his income dropping (something I have made a considerable contribution to over the years ) .......Ref might need about 8 stop watches as well to time multiple players being off
  5. This is the rule so would say a replay on the cards v. In the event of a match not being played or abandoned owing to causes over which neither Club has control, it shall be played in its entirety on a date to be mutually agreed by the two Clubs and approved by the Management Committee. Failing such agreement and notification to the Fixtures Secretary within 14 days the Management Committee shall have power to order the match to be played on a named date or on or before a given date. The Rules governing postponements are at Rule 10f(vii) below. Speedy recovery to the player who suffered the unfortunate injury. Leg cask over the summer always a cracking tan line
  6. Must of been the under pitch heating kicking in drying it all out - Looks like Older has inspired a whole generation of football pitch condition 'experts' I could bore you with the nuances of the Blaythorne pitch and when and where it holds water and why it can be very wet up the middle but drain quickly but alas to be honest i cant be arsed
  7. Frogpool can't get relegated Newquay pulled out back in October so only 1 going down and Storm have finished all their fixtures and have 3 points (Frogpool have 22). As long as all teams above Storm complete all their fixtures and dont invoke a points penalty for not being able to raise a team they are safe. Its up to Chacewater to get a win (or 3 draws) from their final 4 games to avoid being bottom as they should be ok bar any world record breaking spankings on the goal difference front
  8. I agree Keith apart from the late 80's early 90's when Cornwall Rugby supporters used to pack out Redruth Recreation Ground the sports grounds in Cornwall do not even get near capacity including show piece events like the Senior / Junior Cup.....I am sure sport will continue no problem with or without any kind of new stadium with the grounds already available
  9. i think the 8000 mile round trip might be a tad excessive Ted even for me (i did do a nice midweek 500 mile trip once from Pompey for a Dunn Cup Semi Final in my foolish 'yoof')
  10. Its that great time of year where the grounds harden up equalling blisters on the feet and legs sticking to the bed sheets and clothes following a 10yard slide tackle that you could get away with in December on a pitch that was probably resembling the 1916 Somme Offensive but now results in a required skin graft resulting in two weeks of misery. The other sheer joy is that you get to the beginning of April and realise you have about 15 games left to play with only 8 weekends left!!!! Lots of teams might have something to play for be it challenging for the league or still on a cup run however others might be just coasting looking forward to the end of May and the end of season doo and the chance to go shopping with the Mrs without getting an earful and the dreaded question of why you go out the door at 1pm to play a 90min match but dont roll/stagger back in till 8 hours later at 9pm. The other trend that tends to happen now is the dreaded nightmare of being unable to raise a side - Believe me, been there done it got the T Shirt and even once went with a bare 7 where we literally parked the bus!!! but occasionally you just cant conjure up the required numbers due to cricket/holidays/ player cant be arsed............to all of you players who have enjoyed you're season so far but might start to fall into the cant be arsed section as we near the end spare a thought for the poor manager desperately trying to fulfil the fixture be it an evening or weekend but also the other teams that might be relying on goal difference or the points or for maybe the team you play for to cause an upset that you might be capable of on a sunny Tuesday night in May. The nasty side of this time of year is also to the clubs who graft all year trying to have enough money to scrape together for next season for new kit, ball and registration fees. Why am i stating this If you are unaware please note the impact on not turning up to a game that can have on a clubs ability to get you that treasured new kit etc and the teams points - The escalating fines and points deduction on the Trelawny League rule below:- Original fixtures and any re-arranged fixtures made by the Fixture Secretary for the months of April and May shall be deemed ordered matches and any club failing to comply shall forfeit the match to their opponents and be otherwise penalised in accordance with the fines tariff. Should neither club be able to comply then the fixture shall be declared void and the penalties in the Fines Tariff shall be applied to both teams One game cancelled -3 points & £25..........Two games cancelled -6 points & £50...........Three games cancelled -9 points & £50............Four games cancelled -12 points £50.........if 4 games cancelled Total = 30 points & £175...................Cup Match £50 Good luck to all teams for the rest of the season
  11. Mawnan wouldn't have known what team or players Storm have available and have done the sensible thing and fielded as strong a side as they can for a midweek fixture. If the players signed on and not breached the 2 player rule from a higher league apart from a slightly uncomfortable scoreline i cant see the issue. Rule 10(e)ii states the following. "Every Club shall play its best available qualified team in all matches in the competition" - Mawnan did just that - Yes scoreline not ideal but I'm sure if Storm had two players available who play to the same level as Liam they would have done the same.
  12. hi mate no i did not know about spencer caddy mentioned it and he then asked but ray said **** off don't want him here:yahoo:haven't got back to anyone as not my place too  hope your good bud we have hayle in the final next sunday at penny wish you were here pal too see it. we have been pretty decent as of late just hope we hold our own on the day. 10 years since reno and tasker won it id love to bring it home to holmans

    1. Pitty


      Sorry mate didn't see this message yesterday as it didn't come up on my feed but just spotted it now.......flipping ship internet is like bloody dial up!!!! Good on Ray and totally agree i fended off the Trevenson Hoot Toots about 4 years ago.....might be a few thousand miles away but been watching the results and great to see with that young side defo going in the right direction and honestly you might be surprised to hear this think it would be great if you went for a third year and properly see what those lads can bring then.....would love to be there sunday but alas like 2009 when we reached the Supp Cup final when i was in the hot seat (my admin is rubbish) im on bloody holiday again....ok i might be working a bit as well :)

      See you when i get back will be monitoring the Forum on Sunday for the result and hope Blaythorne will be full on in party mode. Wish the lads good luck from me :) 




    2. MARKSY


      I will tell the lads Sunday promise you that you wish them well and thanks again for the vote of confidence I love the club a lot not as much as you 😃But 2 years is me done I think cos spud is uni bound and will come home to play peninsula he wants to sign for Holmans combo though let's see what the next few weeks brings see you soon will do our best to make you smile Sunday 👍👍

  13. Is in semi retirement when away.....out of retirement when home!

  14. Hi mate

    Can you send me a squad for your first team for this saturdays game against Holmans

    Cheers Neil

  15. Jamo

    Any chance you could give me the "probable" squad for this weekends fixture for the programme