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  1. Major Shock

    If virtually a teams worth of players leave what do you expect??? Horrible decision to have to take for the club and something I know would never have been taken without serious due consideration and I honestly feel gutted for them but at least now they are not faced with both a SWPL team struggling which without doubt would also inevitably impact the combo side and make it a double whammy. Gutted for Paul Murray and the rest of the management team along with everyone else that works tirelessly behind the scenes at what still is a great club with a fantastic ground. Mooney gave me a few words of wisdom a few years ago that I never forgot when we were having a player exodus that required some painful decisions and all I can say in support is that it was sound advice and I hope you guys bounce back as soon as you can.
  2. hi mate no i did not know about spencer caddy mentioned it and he then asked but ray said **** off don't want him here:yahoo:haven't got back to anyone as not my place too  hope your good bud we have hayle in the final next sunday at penny wish you were here pal too see it. we have been pretty decent as of late just hope we hold our own on the day. 10 years since reno and tasker won it id love to bring it home to holmans

    1. Pitty


      Sorry mate didn't see this message yesterday as it didn't come up on my feed but just spotted it now.......flipping ship internet is like bloody dial up!!!! Good on Ray and totally agree i fended off the Trevenson Hoot Toots about 4 years ago.....might be a few thousand miles away but been watching the results and great to see with that young side defo going in the right direction and honestly you might be surprised to hear this think it would be great if you went for a third year and properly see what those lads can bring then.....would love to be there sunday but alas like 2009 when we reached the Supp Cup final when i was in the hot seat (my admin is rubbish) im on bloody holiday again....ok i might be working a bit as well :)

      See you when i get back will be monitoring the Forum on Sunday for the result and hope Blaythorne will be full on in party mode. Wish the lads good luck from me :) 




    2. MARKSY


      I will tell the lads Sunday promise you that you wish them well and thanks again for the vote of confidence I love the club a lot not as much as you 😃But 2 years is me done I think cos spud is uni bound and will come home to play peninsula he wants to sign for Holmans combo though let's see what the next few weeks brings see you soon will do our best to make you smile Sunday 👍👍

  3. Is in semi retirement when away.....out of retirement when home!

  4. Hi mate

    Can you send me a squad for your first team for this saturdays game against Holmans

    Cheers Neil

  5. Hi mate

    Could you send me the "probable" Mullion squad for saturday for the Holmans v mullion match programme


  6. Dan

    Do you fancy a friendly with Holman's combo side & FHFL2 side on either the 24th July or 14th August. We would have to play away but if you want to use your 3G pitch we will be happy to pay half. Would be good to play a local side and have 2 games and a few beers after



  7. is living the dream