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  1. CCL Result: Carharrack 5 Holmans 1 (Ed Wilton x 3, Mark Hollands & James Davies) (Tom Hogarth) For the second week in a row no yellow cards and no abuse from any players! A 10 minute purple patch from the start saw Carharrack take a 3-0 lead, no to be out done Holmans captain Tom Hogarth went one on one with the goalkeeper to make claw one back just after 30'. Just before the interval match official Elliott Green awarded Carharrack a direct free kick. Upstepped Mark Hollands who placed the ball into the back of the net. HT 4-1 At the restart driving rain caused conditions to worsen but each team still attack. Holmans were unlucky not to be awarded a penalty but the match official gave a direct free kick on the very edge of the box. With the rain hammering down the ball started to stick but 5 minutes from time Ed Wilton completed his hat trick by rounding the keeper much to the delight of the home crowd. Man of the match: Jake Shaw Thanks for Holmans for coming back and enjoying the drinking contest.
  2. Goonhavern 1 Carharrack 4 Really proud to be part of this match, well refereed by Kevin Knowles. Not a single card for any player just a good hard played football match. In praise of Goonhavern players not once did I hear them give myself running the line or the match official any abuse. Everyone shook hands afterwards and enjoyed a beer in the clubhouse. The first half was goalless but did not reflect the amount of chances that both teams had. Some fine saves the the goalkeepers. Goonhavern attacked Carharrack and were unlucky to to have scored. The second half Carharrack had to up a gear and after the interval were rewarded when Bradley Leviers head met the ball from a corner to take the lead. Shortly afterwards in form Ed Wilton took the ball through into the box to extend the lead. As Carharrack started to take control Goonhavern were still battling forward but just couldn't get the ball into the net. The game appeared to be finished when visiting striker Ryan Stephens made it 3-0 but not to be outdone Goonhavern striker Matt Babsy played great attacking football ran through the Carharrack defence only to lob the goalkeeper from 25 yards out. But with 5 minutes to go Carharrack were awarded a direct free kick, up stepped Mark Hollands who's strike went to the bottom left hand corner. The final whistle blew. Thank you for the hospitality afterwards.
  3. Dave I'm think that creating a central division would accomdate those clubs pulled between West and East. Plymouth centric. Cut down travelling, increase attendances, concentrate referees (and associated costs). It would give those clubs who want to play a higher standard but not cripple clubs financially. The clubs could still all compete for a promotion to SWPL Premier if their cucumstances permit.
  4. What are people's thoughts on creating a SWPL central division alongside West and East?
  5. How's carharrick pitch looking pal ?

  6. Jollys Cornwall Combination League FULL TIME Link http://full-time.thefa.com/Index.do?league=2469969 Cornwall Combo Website http://www.cornwallcomboleague.co.uk/nindex.html ECPL Website http://www.football.mitoo.co.uk/News.cfm?LeagueCode=ECRNW2013&NB=0
  7. Just upgraded the forum. Fingers crossed!

  8. Currently Upgrading Forum

  9. Testing for all those that use Twitter at matches!