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  1. Money in combo

    If you really interested Darren we are halfway through a 10 year plan. Wrote on a post it note: 1) Stay in Trelawny Premier 2) Attract a Top Manager 3) Invest in Ground 4) Get Promoted from Trelawny Premier 5) Avoid Relegation from Combination League in first season 6) Progress Res Team 7) Have fun and enjoy the football, maybe have a beer afterwards....
  2. Money in combo

    Sorry just got back from riding around on my high horse. Neigh 🐴 I make no apologies for the team or the hard working committee behind the scenes for making what we have achieved possible. All working together to progress.
  3. Money in combo

    My point is Willy, if a club has paid players what have they achieved.
  4. Money in combo

    Let's get real! I'm a chairman of a Combination League club that has just won the Combination League. Not a single penny spent. Just 100% effort by the manager and the players on the pitch. Everything going back into improving the ground and progressing. Think about that. I would be incredibly shocked if any Combo club does, fools if they do. In my opinion we are on a level playing field with every club in the Combo. I've been informed that is not the case in the league above.
  5. Truro City,season tickets.

    Plymouth Argyle Early Bird prices this season for Division 1 are: £357 Adults £272 18-25/Over 65/Forces £96 Under 18s
  6. How's carharrick pitch looking pal ?

  7. Jollys Cornwall Combination League FULL TIME Link http://full-time.thefa.com/Index.do?league=2469969 Cornwall Combo Website http://www.cornwallcomboleague.co.uk/nindex.html ECPL Website http://www.football.mitoo.co.uk/News.cfm?LeagueCode=ECRNW2013&NB=0
  8. Just upgraded the forum. Fingers crossed!

  9. Currently Upgrading Forum

  10. Testing for all those that use Twitter at matches!