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    The club have worked very hard to make their ground as good as anyone's. Somewhere, these hard working people are being let down. Is this gona be the case every time a club hasn't got much to play for? Pathetic. If they can't do the travelling then down to the West you go. St Blazey and Newquay have been shocking but they always turn up. Giving up is not an option.
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    Why would anyone from Bodmin, support Bodmin? The only person in the whole squad to live locally is Steve Simmonds (I think) When Billy Hopcroft was there at the start of the season, I remember a lot of his mates going to evening games. All of the second team are from Bodmin, and the surrounding areas, but its run like 2 completely different teams, to the point that now the seconds cant play their home games at home, why would they go and support the 1s? You look at a club like St Austell, they have a big fan base, due to having the majority of players/management being local, so people go an watch their mate play just up the road. Also they pull from their second team when they need them, and with the youth teams there as well, and the second team manager taking an interest in those sides, it shows a togetherness at the club. I may be ill informed, but this is how I see it as an outsider of each club
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    Apparently the junior cup was played Friday night!!!.........although you would hardly know. Not a single match report or comment on the game.....not even a referee comment which seems to be the rather annoying trend these days! For anyone interested St Miniver beat St stephens 3-1 (according to the county website) is it time to go back to the old format east v west played on Easter Monday prior to the senior cup final???? Might generate more interest for the county showpiece match for the lower leagues
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    What makes me smile, with very gritted teeth, is that people come on here every week and make points about what the refs got wrong. However, when I turn up week in week out and play/watch the games in the Trelawny Leagues, it is clear that the vast majority of players do not know the Laws of the Game themselves and constantly cheat or try to cheat (throw ins, corners, offsides and so on). You often get subs running the line with no clue as to where they should be standing. Do the refs come on here week in week out and lambaste the clubs in their often very poor efforts to play a fair game and apply the Laws truly? No. Get on with it.
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    Blimey, a ref in trelawny prem makes 4 bad decisions in 90 minutes and has had a bad game, a player at any level makes more mistakes than that. I have been manager of many games when this ref has been the man in the middle and what ive witnessed is a honest man who is a proper football man. He's officiated at a much higher level than trelawny, but due to the lack officials decides to carry on well into his 60's (maybe 70's)? Its always frustrating when a ref doesn't give the decision that you think is right, and believe me i've given my share of grief to an official, but i think a couple of hours after the game you got to think hang on were not playing premier league at least we had a ref whose given up his time to give his view.
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    Used to be able to come onto this board and catch up on match reports... now it just seems to be people arguing about referee decisions! Long and short... people make mistakes! You see it even in the World Cup (the pinnacle). Why would Trelawny be any better?! If you feel so agreived, complain through the right channels.
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    I fail to see how this is an example of a chairman failing to control his club. A chairman can control all things that are nothing to do with human nature, i.e. the running of the club and the bar etc, but the players cannot be ordered or forced by the manager let alone the chairman. They are not employees or in the forces and so clubs are, as always have been, at the mercy of the players. I in no way condone what has happened but please don't blame the chairman. I think as far as Helston were concerned, the writing was on the wall as soon as Sid's resignation became common knowledge. In an ideal world maybe it should have been kept quiet until the end of the season. Sadly this is another example of the ever-increasing player power/apathy which continues to dog local football and why teams withdraw from leagues etc. Sad sad day for Helston and all those who give their time and efforts for free.
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    We were all gutted Lynxman when we heard the news the supporters coach was going to be late. We drove up, and left at 7am and had a quick breakfast in Exeter and got there 1.10 after diverting through Oxford etc, bit of a nightmare, I said to the mrs I reckon the coach could be struggling to make it for the 2pm kick off. Surprised they didn't know the M4 was closed though, I read about that on Thursday! That's why we left a bit earlier, glad we did!! Feel really gutted you missed all the 1st half which was excellent. Sorry you didn't enjoy the commentary Panda, I enjoyed sitting next to Peter, he will probably admit he's more of a rugby man but I think he makes up for that with his enthusiasm and love for Cornwall. I must admit it was hot sitting in that press bit and the trains went by every 15 minutes!! Busy old place! I had texts from people such as Truro City legend Jake Ash and Cornwalls most successful manager ever Trevor and Jill Mewton listening lying in the sun next to a pool in Spain!! Said they enjoyed it, so that's good enough for me. Really proud of the boys this season, were in it right up until the 96th minute final whistle, they should be so proud of what they've achieved together πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸΌβš½
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    Yes,the first team had 12 players.That substuitute played his part in the game as players were carrying knocks,one player recovering fitness after a long injury absence and the hard ground also took it's toll on the players. The reserves started with eight players at Illogan with another two arriving after kick off.We fulfilled the fixture against a strong team and the club are proud of the players and manager for doing so.
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    A great desicion from yourself Jim, as you on the line knew I had touched the ball, a great game and like you said, a game of 2 halves. We should have been out of sight 1st half, but that's the luck of the draw, but the performance from mawgan 2nd half warranted a draw to be honest. still in the driving seat and yet again, thank you for you honesty Jim. Shows the guy you are and the love for football you have, regardless of it it's for or against. πŸ‘πŸ»βš½οΈπŸ‘πŸ»
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    Ruan Minor 10-2 Newbridge Athletic. (4-0 Half-time) Goals from Paul Bellamy and Kiefer Hook. Newbridge went down to Ruan with 7 men today and we all played are hearts out. Despite losing we enjoyed the game very much and celebrated our two goals like we won the cup but couldnt be prouder of the 6 and myself that put the effort in all game and didnt stop. Thanks for the hospitality after the game and to the lad who ran the line for us. Ref was excellent aswell today best had all season.
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    What a ridiculous comment you are talking about two blokes that have been loyal to this club for 7 years.When they took the job on, Helston were a mid table combination team who were playing on a field every week struggling to get a team out,and now what do Helston have after 7 years under their leadership and working with a good committee they have three adult teams,they have a youth set up which is second to no other football club in Cornwall and along side that they will have two ladys teams,the team no longer goes out to play on a field they look forward to playing on a quality football pitch.Both Sid and Ritchie new they would struggle to compete against the big spenders but at the end of the day which ever team they fielded win or loose home or away come nine o'clock in the evening they would still be drinking in our club house, at Helston we like to class ourselves as a community club it's there for the locals and that's the players we try to use,Everyone at this club appreciates what they have achieved and hopefully they will stay part of their club.
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    Haha no worries mate. For my many friends in Cornish football!! Hopefully all three will read it. πŸ˜‚
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    I am the manager of Penryn 3rds and me personally, I think he didn't get much wrong (before I'm criticised, I am a ref too) His decision making was fair and he let the game flow and spoke to players about his decisions with accuracy and a calm manner. Even after the game I asked him about a couple things I was unsure of and he explained them to me from his view. I think he he could have shown a fair few yellows today for dissent but chose not too, especially when he was called a joke by one of the Mousehole defenders... the Mousehole full back wearing 2 I hope is qualified as he questioned every decision that went against his team and the majority of them were inaccurate according to football law On the game, draw a fair result, we started badly and made a few positional changes that got us going and back into the game. Few top saves by Donut as he does every week keeping us in games when we go hunting for goals. Good luck to Mousehole for their last 2 games and cheers for coming back in for a beer after the game
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    SWPL Retweeted From SWPL SIte Helston AFC @helstonafc
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    Saltash hosted a final between Bodmin and Helston Penzance hosted a final between Falmouth and Liskeard Last time Bodmin and Saltash met in the final, it was played at Newquay This is Helston's first time holding the final so good luck to everyone involved.
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    Mistakes happen.........even in the professional game as we have now seen!
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    Cheeky buggers must have put another in when i was wasnt looking!!
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    Daniel jewell has been a first team regular for years at Holmans but has played seconds all year due to a nasty injury so I will repeat for the not so smart ones two centre halves defo first team players but one been seconds all season up top jack Mankee striker from firsts now enjoy your evening and sleep sweetly and dream of that og πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
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    Well done mawnan , sometimes keir dent comes up with some magic.
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    Funny old world really, I was talking to the ref after the game....and he thought you were s*it as well - but he can't say that - so I have.
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    Let's get back to football matters.... Threemilestone today got their first point of the season and over the 90 minutes probably deserved all 3......having taken over 5 weeks ago it is good to see the lads taking on board our system and structure....with four 16 year olds from our current and previous Truro youth set up in the squad it was a great performance. we went 1 up early in first half when the pacy 16 year old Tom Fisher out-stripped the full back, got to the byline and pulled back to Joey Simms to smash into the roof of the net from 5 yards.......both teams then had half chances, but two other 16 year olds, Ross Woolcock in goal and Harrison Maguire at centre half stopped the St.Buryan efforts coming to anything. with 15 minutes of the first half remaining St.Buryan's number 9, who was different class, hit an unstoppable curling shot from 20 yards into the top corner and 5 minutes later he set up the second, which was smashed in from 8 yards out. at the beginning of the season I have heard that this would have signalled a landslide of goals, but not anymore. at half time we re-grouped and came out quickly and strongly......once again Fisher ran from the half way line and forced a good save from the keeper, but Jamie Shaw was on hand to knock the rebound into the net 2-2. TMS pushed on and were rewarded with a third when a good attack found Jason Pearce 12 yards out and his left footed drilled shot nestled in the bottom corner.....3-2.....but 20 minutes to go. st.Buryan with the wind behind them threw the kitchen sink at us, with the back 4 of Dean Robins, Ian Jay, Harrison Maguire and Dan Head, with young Woolcock behind them, somehow withstood the barrage........but with 5 minutes to go, the St.Buryan number 9 picked the ball up on the half way line, a quick look up and let fly to score an amazing "Beckham" style goal to end an amazing game of football. great signs though for next season.
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    absolutely right - fines are not enough to cover this situation - just pay up and don't bother is the attitude - the league if it has the powers, they should be relegated - if it hasn't create a rule that states they have the power - you cannot allow teams to do this and get away with it - the league went softly softly with them for not going to Cullumpton - again food purchased - line marking - electric used - stock bought in - the supporters club lose Β£50 raffle money - all this may not matter to some, but its this that keeps clubs going - teams down the bottom keep going and all credit to them - many teams in the league have no chance of winning or prize money, do they just say we cannot be bothered to go today, of course not. I don't think we will bother today is not the attitude - RELEGATE them
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    Well what can I say!! 3 and a half hour trip to Exmouth arrive at 15.20 kick off at 15.45 with only 12 players and 4 second team players starting! Against a full strength very good Exmouth side! Was a tough game with the sun blazing down on the pitch but as a team we defended so well all the lads giving 100% and were 1-0 with 10 mins to go but a good goal scored by Kevin Hill ( X torquay legend) being pushed up from the back making it 1-1 then what came next we did not deserve a hopeful ball forward takes a bad bounce over a defenders foot (on a rock hard bobbly pitch) right into the path of Kevin (again) who slots it away breaking the hearts of every Newquay player!! But we can take a lot out of this game taking a team who have beaten Bodmin and st Austell this season 10 mins away from loosing who's manager after the game saying how well we played!! I really think if we stay up and sign 5-6 players in the summer it will be a different story next season for Newquay!!
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    Congratulations to Darren Gilbert and a quality Bodmin Town side. Credit also to a spirited Saltash performance, they were certainly knocking on the door in those last ten minutes. There was little to choose between these two heavyweights, they've been nip and tuck all season and this game portrayed it in full. As a neutral, 2-1 seemed just about a fair result but it could have gone either way, there wasn't much between them in my book. Slogging the Match Shed down to Helston was a bit of a bind, fortunately the long journey back wasn't quite as bad. Initially I thought the choice of venue so far south was a touch mad, however, having witnessed the set up at Helston, including a first class playing surface for this time of year, I can understand the reasoning. All praise to Helston they've got a really good non league ground down at Kellaway Park, they proved first class hosts for such a prestigious event. Well done indeed. They also made a big effort to include the younger generation, never seen so many ball boys (all remarkably polite) and some great half time fun with the little kids matches. You'll read plenty of well detailed match reports about the big game I'm sure, however, if you have trouble sleeping or get incredibly bored at work I shall be putting a Cup Final visit report on my 'Where's The Tea Hut' site over the next few days (when I get the chance). It'll include a few snaps of the proceedings as well. Thanks to Helston AFC for a great setting and both Bodmin Town and Saltash United for a spirited Cup Final. An enjoyable afternoons football.
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    I just want to reiterate how immensely proud I feel about the way my lads played today as I wasn't able to make it. Making the trip to Ruan with only 7 and every one of them putting in a massive performance!
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    I wouldn't listen to "manager". He thinks everyone apart from mawnan 2nds are poor and when mawnan 2nds lose they are always 5 or 6 missing.
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    Once the going got tough?? How tough do you think it was having 4 hard seasons in the West Div seeing, Newquay, Godolphin and Callington get promoted above you all the while other clubs with the deep pockets picking off your best players? How tough was it during 2 initial seasons in the Prem with all the extra travelling and once again dealing with a team who's had their main striker poached? How tough was it securing additional funds to improve the ground to a standard to play in the FA Vase and travel as far as Bristol to beat Portishead? So yeah, overall an easy job which anyone could've done I guess? Seems SiJjmes has a lot to say about local football without any real clue - typical keyboard warrior!! Our record is one to be proud of, as is the legacy we leave in terms of facilities etc. Richie Full - Helston AFC Assistant Manager
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    i'm not sure of your point here Mr Rowe? your comments are as mind boggling as some of your on pitch decisions
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    Another example of "road rage" on the pitch. When, if ever, will players learn to accept the referees decisions and get on with the game. Everyone makes mistakes and refs can only react to things as THEY see them. Being abusive and showing a total lack of respect towards match officials will never alter a decision. Lessons need to be learned or the referee shortage will get even more worrying! Making derogatory comments about referees on a public forum is not a good idea either!
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    I know some people who do that too...stupid comment as well. Read Cornish's post again and understand it. You come to Penryn Cornish, dogs welcome in the ground and in the clubhouse....I'll cook him a couple of sausages. Ignore the plonkers they think this is good football ...lol - I'd rather watch your dog play.
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    If you're envious of what referees are remunerated Big Al, why don't you take your referees course and cash in? At least you'll be giving something back to the game.
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    Royal Par continued their improbable march towards a 1st league title with a hard fought 4-3 win away at Downderry. With other results going our way (no one else played) it now seems only a matter of time before we do a Leicester and pick up the trophy in May. With the home side in bright orange and us in pillar box red this has been officially been recognized as the first ever game visible from space. If any martians were watching they would have liked what they saw, 22 unfit fat blokes arguing about throw ins. The home side took the lead within 5 minutes, a slip in defence left the home side an easy close range finish. Within 15 minutes we had taken a 3-1 lead, Kev Allen breaking the offside trap 1-1, Neil White with a cross which eluded everyone 2-1 and Mark Place with a bullet header from a corner 3-1. After a succession of corners, 93 at the last count Downderry pulled one back before half time. The second half was all Downderry, last ditch defending and goal keeping preventing an equaliser. I take it as huge compliment that a Downderry player mentioned I reminded him of Neville Southall in stature between the sticks. The pressure did however tell, a rash challenge by our manager in the box (the rest of the teams words not mine) resulted in a penalty being awarded. Despite the home team looking most likely winners we snatched victory 10 minutes from time when the clumsy oaf (the rest of the teams words not mine) who gave away the penalty saw his speculative shot fly over the home keeper. Next week we travel to Perranporth, a team we haven't lost to since we last played them. Downderry fantastic hosts, great range of sandwiches after the game including my particular favourite egg mayonnaise.
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    At least you got to listen to the game, we on the supporters coach arrived at half time after being held up by a closed motor way and drivers who didn't have the knowledge to find a quick way round it. So we missed all the goals ,the lads still did us proud and fought to the end loosing 2-1, with Middlesex desperately holding on in the last 15 minutes. Large numbers of the Cornish army travelled ion a crowd of 700, well done to players,coaches,fans. They did Cornwall proud
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    But the League was established to provide Step 6 football for Clubs in Cornwall. AND DEVON Big Al. All Cornish Clubs knew what they signed up to!
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    We as a team have not given up and will be trying till the end of the season......
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    This will be a good game , I think I will make my way to illogan for this . Il have to dig my wendron scarf out the cupboard. πŸ‘³πŸΏβ€β™€οΈπŸ‘³πŸΏβ€β™€οΈπŸ‘³πŸΏβ€β™€οΈ
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    Spot on Geach we were unbeaten in the league and two or three really good sides in it as well with a certain Wendron battling us all the wayπŸ‘ I think that Titans team put together now would definitely beat what I saw last night at Holmans in Penwith but I would say thatπŸ˜‚
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    Pretty warm here in Cyprus 100%!!! 23c today by the pool, just nice and comfy, not too hot!! Shame to hear bout those hailstones at home!!! πŸ˜‚ Good luck to DannyO and the boys tonight between my two favourite clubs!! A no pressure game now! Hope Blazey return to their former glories in the not too decent future, great old club. Someone will awake the sleeping giant soon no doubt! Sky Sports and wi-fi in our room so can keep abreast of all things football especially Cornish football in the evenings!! πŸ‘ Like drugs ain't it! Managed to find a Cyprus Cup semi-final 1st leg tomorrow night 6pm ko, Apollon Limassol v Anorthosis. Stadium only 15 minutes up the motorway in a taxi, be interested to see what the standards like? A few hooligans over here still as well so that could be interesting too! 😳 Anniversary not until Thursday and 50th birthday Friday so just got to break the news to Rach I'm off football tomorrow night! Think she'll be chuffed. πŸ˜‚ Tavi v Bodmin should be a cracker tomorrow night as well. πŸ‘Œ Better go, 2 hours ahead over here, off down the Marina to see the yachts all lit up and have a meal, get some brownie points for the footie tomorrow!!! πŸ‘πŸ˜‚βš½οΈ
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    Personally I dnt think there is enough slating going on πŸ‘³πŸΏβ€β™€οΈ
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    U belong on a stage Mr Geach πŸ‘ πŸ˜‚πŸ‘€
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    Correct restart if a caution comes before it. Paul knows my thoughts on this, and there should be no Lee-way if you believe it is an offence.
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    You were a pleasure to ref. As you said played your hearts out and your heads never dropped despite your numerical disadvantage against a very good Ruan side.
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    Putting one freak result aside with a depleted line up you have to say that Helston have come on as a club leaps and bounds in the past few years. The playing surface and surrounding ground are as good as anything around and congrats must go to Paul who is a very forward thinking chairman and I think it's a great venue to stage such a game as the Cornwall Senior Cup Final. Both sets of players will appreciate playing on that pitch I'm sure. Sid and Rich have done a fantastic job on the playing front as well with almost constant success and have established the club in the SWL Premier. Losing amongst others their top strikers along the way in Edds, then Goldie but still competed beating many of the top sides during their tenure. There's another superb young striker given his chance by them in Matt Buchan who will have a great career I'm sure. I'm an old team mate of Sids and can say he was much more than a "half decent" keeper in his prime and along with Richie has proved himself an excellent manager. Sometimes things run their course but nothing but positive things can be said about Helston as a club and the job done there. Great effort to all concerned βš½πŸ‘πŸΌ
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    Thanks and congratulations to Jason and Dan for the excellent job they have done this season, especially a difficult challenge to follow on from Phil Lafferty. Good luck to both of you in the future.
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    Couple of thing raised here - I think the venue is chosen from Clubs who put themselves forward for the final and therefore the 'choice' is somewhat limited, especially when several clubs have to be ignored at the time of choosing (I think the venue was probably agreed before the semis in late March). It tends to be Helston, Wedron, St Blazey, Newquay and St Austell who put themselves up for County fixtures - and Helston have helped the CCFA out with fixtures for the County Youth this season - with no entry fee, so perhaps some consideration may have been made for their help. Entry to any SWPL Prem game is Β£5, so charging Β£6 for a cup final against the two (currently) strongest teams in Cornwall can't be to bad - the fact that Truro City have had to halve their entry fee to try and generate ANY support in a match against a high flying team, says more about Truo City's lack of ability to get supporters, rather than anything about the Senior Cup.. I have no affiliation, at all, with Helston FC, however I would recommend making the trip. Great facilities / bar / food and always a friendly club to visit.
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    I dont think anyone thinks there was any malice in the tackle just a really bad freak accident. (Our 2nd this season in evening games) Thanks for all you boys did to help.
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    Just going back to the Tiverton Town situation briefly: Personally (no disrespect intended) I do not feel the SWPL Premier Division should be sporting reserve grade sides from any club, whatever their respective status. This includes the likes of Tiverton Town and Plymouth Argyle. I appreciate there may be FA bureaucratic baggage affecting what individual leagues can and cannot rule upon, however, I do feel reserve sides certainly erode the culture and image of what is our flagship division in a much respected league which is often viewed with envy nationwide. For me the SWPL Premier Division would be much better placed (and respected) with no infiltration's from either reserve sides or development squads.