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    Thank you ever so much to everyone for all the congratulations, good wishes texts, tweets, calls etc, it's been a mental afternoon and evening!! Really humbled by it all and flattered that people would take time out of their day to do that. πŸ‘ A special thanks to all my friends that turned up at the game today just to see an XXL bloke stuck In a L shirt just run on, kick one ball and come off again!! 😳 I honestly wouldn't have expected anyone to make the treck to Wadebridge on a Sunday morning and stand up in the rain to watch a bunch of old blokes still trying to play the game they love! It was most appreciated anyway and made it a special day I'll never forget. The 2nd goal was just a bonus and probably would have been better if that was the 2000th but I'm happy to take the pen and just get over the line and can retire a happy man now! πŸ‘ A superb hat-trick once again from DannyO, and great finishes from Tony and Parky flattered us a bit and thanks to Lanreath for the congratulations. Nice to see my old Cornwall team mate and ex pro Dave McGhee playing again for them as well. Thanks to Rach for surprising me with a lovely trophy to remember the day and for Mr Football in Cornwall Dave Deacon to kindly present it. πŸ† Thanks again everyone for a special day, I'll never forget it βš½οΈπŸ‘Œ X
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    Please leave any comments/results below. Remember to text in your results on 07957345945 I have to get the report in by 9pm so the earlier the better, I am limited to 700 words so I will do my best to feature as many games and players as possible, but if your team isn't mentioned one week please don't be miffed as I'll get it in the following week. Thanks. Trelawny Premier Mawnan v Lizard Argyle Mousehole v Chacewater Pendeen Rovers v Threemilestone St Buryan v Penryn Athletic 3rds St Day Reserves v St Keverne West Cornwall v Troon Division 1 Mullion Reserves v Newlyn Non-Athletico Constantine v Lanner Gwinear Churchtown v Hayle Reserves Halestown v Marazion Blues Rosudgeon v Stithians St Agnes Reserves v Trispen Division 2 Chacewater Reserves v RNAS Culdrose Reserves Falmouth Town 3rds v Mawnan Reserves Penwith Exiles v Frogpool&Cusgarne Redruth United Reserves v Mabe Wendron United 3rds v Storm Division 3 Lizard Argyle Reserves v St Erme Mabe Reserves v Ludgvan Reserves Division 4 Four Lanes Reserves v Carharrack Reserves Madron v New Inn Titans Newlyn Non-Athletico Reserves v Penzance Reserves Stithians Reserves v Wendron United 4ths Troon AFC Reserves v Ruan Minor Russell Hall Cup: Falmouth DC v St Day 3rds Four Lanes v West Cornwall Reserves Newlyn Lions v Frogpool&Cusgarne Reserves Probus v St Ives Mariners This week the charity receiving payment will be The Invictus Trust. The Invictus Trust are a Cornwall based charity that aim to support teenagers in the county with mental health issues. They also support Cornish children who have to leave the county - often moving several hundred miles away - to stay at a unit for their care. They are currently campaigning for a unit to be built in Cornwall to help children and teenagers who have mental health problems so that families don't have to be so far away from each other when getting help and support. They are a small charity that we at Wendron United are involved in and heavily support as they have supported a family at the club. Our second team and Sunday league team proudly display their logo on their shorts. They are a great local charity and if you want to find out more, you can visit their website: www.invictustrust.co.uk
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    Avid football fans! It looks like I am taking over from Dave Bartlam as the man to get your reports into The Sunday Independent. I'd like to thank Dave, and Rappo before him, for raising the profile of junior football and of the Trelawny League. I think it's important that this continues and we recognise results and achievements at this level. However, I do not have as much free time as Dave... so I need your help. The deadline for the report is 9pm on Saturday evening so it would be a huge help if you could email or text me any results or a quick match summary as soon as possible. I will try to trawl the internet for your results (amongst other things) too, but just to help me out I would be really grateful if you could do some of the work for me and send me some match details. Since I won't be able to take all of the credit, as hopefully you will all be helping me out, I will donate Β£10 from the payment to a different charity each week. I hope to hear from you on Saturdays! Josh McDonald 07957345945 jmcdonald88@hotmail.co.uk Disclaimer: I can not promise to not be biased towards the team I am involved with.
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    Hayle 3rds played with seven men against Troon Reserves. Yes they lost 0-11 but how many teams would have cried off with the old "can't raise a team" excuse. Well done Hayle!
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    For those who couldn't make it this morning Rappo has scored his 2000th goal with a great finish from the spot in the first half ......... celebration worth waiting for and I'm sure photos to follow. Well done Rappo
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    Ludgvan 3-3 (aet) Bodmin Town (Bodmin win 5-4 on penalties) Fantastic effort by the Hurlers who took SWPL side Bodmin all the way at Fair Field. The score was 1-1 after normal time and the visitors looked to have put the tie to bed when they scored two goals (the first of which coming from the penalty spot) in the first half of extra-time. Ludgvan kept fighting and pulled it back to 3-3 but ultimately came up short in the shoot-out. Still, all the lads deserve great credit for the shift they put in against opposition who were fancied to put 'several' past them before the game. From watching the game you certainly wouldn't have known the visitors play two leagues higher.
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    0-0 until 35 minutes (approx) aswell. Great effort by Hayle. It doesn't take a scientist to work out that their thirds are struggling, but to go to a game with the bare minimum and to play a full ninety is a credit to them. All it would have taken was for one of them to say "oh I'm injured" during that game and it would have been abandoned and replayed (presumably). But they didn't! Who gives a damn about the score, all seven of you are winners! How many teams cry off when they only have 9/10 players? Too many! Hayle 3rds, you gained alot of respect from.alot of people today. You should hold your heads up high, every single one of you.
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    So Camelfords game against argyle has been cancelled because argyle have an under 21 game the next day. Yesterday Camelford went to St Austell without 5 county youth players plus three other absentees because the SWPL refused to move the fixture, double standards or what. I think it's a question of who you are . Rules for the rich different from those of the poor.
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    Hi All Just thought I would sneak a post on the forum while he's out dozing on the bed! Rappo is attempting to play on Sunday for the vets. I say attempt as he's not played for months but he says his knee might just last half an hour and he's determined to get the remaining one goal for his 2000!! His OCD won't cope else! He's had quite a few people asking when it's happening so thought this was the best place to put it? Pretty sure it's 11am kick off at Wadebridge? Bit early on a Sunday morning but I'm sure he'd enjoy seeing some old friends if anyone can make it? Thanks Rach x
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    If I was able to play...I'd whack him for a penalty, if he could get up - he could take it.
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    Massive well done to Ludgvan and Holmans today!!! Done the Combo league proud both of you. To play two of the top sides in the county and let them know they've been in a game is testament to the very good players that are playing in this league. A lot of SWPL Premier sides have come away from the Kimberly Stadium with a bigger defeat than Holmans did today and in Ludgvans case to play 120 minutes against Bodmin and still not be beaten is remarkable. Well done to both clubs, you may not have gone through but you're both winners in many other ways. βš½πŸ‘πŸ½πŸ‘πŸΌ
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    What a belter of a cuptie ,best game at Fairfield for years.Ludgvan gave it everything they had and more The Ludgvan back 4 were superb in keeping the big Bodmin Number 9 quiet and the midfield snapped and snarled at them all afternoon.Unfortunately a dodgy penalty decision at 1-1 changed the flow of the match and allowed Bodmin to take control.When they went 3-1 up it looked all over,but Ludgvan stepped up and found a third wind from somewhere and when the impressive Zac Williams scored with a powerful header from a corner it was game on.With 4 minutes remaining and with Ludgvan pressing hard for the equalizer the ever dependable G-Man Gerrans dribbled to the edge of the box and smashed the ball into the top corner of the Bodmin net to take the match to a penalty shootout.All credit to Bodmin they took their penalties perfectly and their keeper produced a blinding save to win them the game.I don't think Bodmin would like to play us every week,they certainly knew they were in a game today.Great advertisement for Cornish cup football a fantastic effort from both teams.
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    Who gives flying salmon why it was called off it was postponed and that's that. Everyone with their wild conspiracies and theories making yourselves look like utter D**k heads. No one likes missing football but is it really that big a deal?! Tactics from the caharrack club, never heard so much B**lshit!!! Let's be honest what opposition lino has anyone ever said isn't biased ? Always easy to blame an official and not ourselves. Maybe the people slagging these guys off who give up their time to make games go ahead should take up the flag for once.
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    Rumours flying around that carharracks pitch was fine to play. Heard some of the perranwell boys went down their to take a look for themselves.
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    More bitching because a game is cancelled. If the 22 players all arrived an hour and a half early armed with forks and assisted in forking the pitch, there might have been hope. The pitch has suffered in the past through drainage issues so accept that it's off and look forward to a midweek encounter in warmer weather. Support your reserve team or watch next weeks opponents. Or support your fellow Combination League Senior Cup remainers at Ludgvan or Saltash. (Don't tell the missus that the game is off!)
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    Rich couldn't make it this week chaps. We can't play with an unbiased Lino πŸ˜‚
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    It was sad to see that Ray died the day after his 63rd birthday. Weather permitting Cornwall are playing on Wednesday. There will be a minute's silence before the game. Normally that is the done thing but for some reason I feel a minute's applause would be more fitting. I might be the only one with that thought but I think celebrating his life would be more appropriate given the fact he was such an upbeat person.
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    Not a case that I wasn't in the 1st team plans, mark Rowe asked hodegy and jack in the week if they could have a striker ! The 1st team had 14, my brother Carl has signed duchy forms for foxhole and Boaty asked if I could play, as a Club our ambition is to get our 2s as a senior status, all agreed that it was fine for me to go, so I did.
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    absolutely disgusted that some teams either didnt nominate any players (do they not have nay faith in their lads?) or that some clubs didnt want to take part in this fixture! this should be the pinnacle for any combination player, granted maybe just the younger ones who haven't tasted this experience yet, those clubs should be ashamed of themselves especially considering the very worthy charity this in aid of. credit to those organising this fixture, hosting it, and the officials.
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    As a neutral quite new to the SWPL and having seen a lot of the Premier sides this season I have to agree with a lot of comments in this thread. St Austell are a good football side with some really decent players but they continually seem to let themselves down. Their problem is basically diving, abusing officials and general play-acting, especially when they can rely on a certain element of very biased and unpleasantly vociferous supporters to further pressurise the referee and linesmen. It is something I have never witnessed in non league to such a sizeable and regular degree before. St Austell seem to employ these tactics every game. I sincerely hope the SWPL and the beleaguered Officials take the opportunity to review the antics that are habitually taking place when St Austell are involved in a game. Perhaps some of the good people behind the scenes at the club can have an influential word 'in-house'. We get more than enough diving and cheating with football on TV, We can certainly do without it in Non League circles. No disrespect intended.
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    Another thoroughly deserved victory for the boys, even though they had to dig deep for 120 minutes. I've had the pleasure of watching most of these lads play since they were about 8 or 9 years old and to see where they are today competing and outplaying the likes of Lancashire and Sussex is a real treat!! They've always had the talent and ability but the way Hoops has moulded them into this team from the original 100 odd players that turned up for the trials at the end of June is fantastic. A great team of coaches around them with great advice and a top Physio as well and the boys always go into the games meticulously prepared with the help of Mass who has given Hoops a dossier of the last two opponents. Really professional from top to bottom and it's not by luck the boys have gone this far in the competition. Thought the team had a great balance yesterday, solid keeper, full backs that could bomb on and defend, two outstanding central defenders, the midfield two ran their socks off with intelligent positioning and excellent ball retention and passing ability. Two flying wingers who went past their full backs time and again drawing foul after foul. The two strikers had good movement and got the better of the visiting defenders and were only denied time and again by an inspired goalkeeping performance by Sussex 6 foot 7 keeper. The strength in depth in the squad was evident yesterday with a really strong bench and the substitutions never altered the flow of the play with Cornwall remaining dominant, you can see the team spirit among them shining through as well. Always enjoy a Cornwall win over the years of playing and watching, not sure we're respected too much for our football up the line which makes it all the more sweeter when they've got a long trip home!!! πŸ˜€ As mentioned by the gents on this thread already it would be great if the boys could get some more vociferous backing for their semi final in a month or so time. They really are worth a watch and for the Β£2 the county charge for their games its a bargain!!! Well done to all concerned βš½πŸ‘πŸ½βš½
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    St Day 3rds 1 Probus 3 We started slowly again but this was mainly due to St Day being well up for the game, winning the initial battles and we were struggling to get going. Joe Ashton had an early snap shot that Sam Jones, in goal for us, gathered well.They took the lead when a through ball was misjudged by the defence and was finished well - I think it was Joe Ashton who scored but I notice that 'Mark' above says that it was R. Lewis. We gradually started to get into the game but St Day were still putting themselves about and winning most of the 50-50 challenges. We had an equaliser ruled out by the linesman flag, when a Pete Davey free kick was headed in by me - the linesman got the decision right because I went a split second too early! We did equalise when another Pete Davey free kick found Matt Worthington unmarked at the back post and his header back across the face of goal was turned into his own net by the unfortunate St Day defender. 1-1 at half time. The second half started off as a bit of a battle with St Day having more possession. We did take the lead early on when the St Day fullbacks clearance was intercepted by Sam Hadfield and he fed Mark Sherris who somehow managed to beat the keeper from about 12 yards with a left footed scuffed shot that dribbled into the left hand corner of the net! We then increased our lead when another Pete Davey free kick was headed in, unchallenged by me! The keeper got caught in no mans land and my header floated over him into the net for my first goal of the season. St Day kept coming at us and never gave up - the big centre forward in particular was making his presence felt. We did look as though we could score another goal but their keeper made a couple of good saves. Overall we were delighted with the win against a very good St Day side. We started poorly, but as we got into the game we defended well and looked dangerous going forward - our back four were excellent today, but every one of the 15 that got on today did a job. The pitch at St Day was excellent and thanks to them for the food in the bar afterwards. This morning we didn't have a ref, but thankfully Steve Annis's game at Dorchester was called off. He had a good game and kept control well and there were no cards given, despite some competitive tackling. St Just reserves at home for us next week.
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    After our game with Mullion today , it was good to see the big man back in the club house, Dave Fisher talking with the players.He asked me if I could wish you Rappo all the best in getting your 2000th goal tomorrow. He said he could remember when you first started down at Truro Miners when he was manager and had to show you how to kick a ball straight,and will only take the credit for some of your goals. So good luck Rappo from big Dave Fisher and all at Perranwell F C.
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    Thanks Ralf, However it wasn't my hard work, i struggle to find time at the moment with work, family and overseeing 9 youth football teams the pitches although as many will know is my passion i just cannot fit that in also. The hard work was done by, as it has been all season; Dave Searle, Peter Grenfell, Dave Tedd and Adrian Walters so its a big well done from them. Cheers all the same
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    From being at the ground before the problem side of the pitch is the other touchline! And this one picture will prove nothing.
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    Read up chubbsy boy, rich couldn't run the line today so we all went down with buckets of water this morning to throw on the pitch
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    Nice to hear some praise for someone who has an almost impossible job to keep everyone happy. Remember to thank Tim whatever the result. He might have cancelled other plans to ensure the game got played. I think that message should go to all clubs. Make your referees feel welcome before, during and after games.
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    Paul murphy magically sorted us a ref 😊! We have tim hyslop thanks to pauls work behind the scenes to get us a ref very much appreciated πŸ‘
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    We at carharrack had to call the game off because 6 of our starting 11 are away for the weekend with their partners because Valentine's Day is on the horizon
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    Come on Ludgvan and Holmans make it a day to remember
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    Thanks Dave It even happened back then Big Al. In one instance, none of the three officials turned up in a match at Bugle. There was another time when the referee sent off one of his linesman in a match at Tavistock. Bodmin were once refused the use of Priory Park for a game with Tavistock (by the council) so both teams and match officials hopped into cars and went to play at Westheath. The SWPL is much more professionally run, helped by implemented rules from the FA but people like you still find fault with things that the SWPL have no control over. It's fine to hark back to the glory days when footballers were real men and it was a contact sport and blah blah blah but times change, sometimes for the good, sometimes for the bad but we have to accept it, even if we don't like it.
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    Wouldn't be much water left after I jump in tempoπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
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    Credit to Hayle so many teams would have cried off. Well done
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    Tregony 0 Delabole United 3 As my game was off I went to watch Tregony. They played well in the first half and despite some decent chances couldn't finish them and didn't really test the Delabole keeper. The visitors had a great chance when the centre forward missed his volley when close in to the goal. 0-0 at half time. Tregony made some early changes in the second half and after a double substitution went behind in the 56th minute when the tall Delabole forward was presented with an easy finish after being left unmarked in the 18 yard box. They increased their lead in the 64th minute and made the game safe in 70th - I didn't see either goal properly as I was behind the visitors goal retrieving match balls. Overall I felt Tregony were the better team in the first half and Delabole were on top in the second, but Tregony were made to pay for not taking their chances and Delabole took virtually all of theirs. A draw would have probably been a fair result on the balance of play but the game probably sums up Tregony's season where they played well but ended up with nothing to show. The match was very well refereed by Paul Roberts, who played advantage as much as he could and that let the game flow. It's great to see someone of his age (he did tell me how old he was but I won't mention it on here!) and experience (40+ years of refereeing) still doing a job every weekend and allowing us to enjoy the game we love.
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    A very well contested game could of easily ended up 6-6 with the chances both sides had. Well done to mandy for her continuous hard work for organising such a great evening.
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    A very reasonable suggestion Dave and not a lot to ask in my view. This is a great way to show solidarity within our great County. And I for one would be delighted to see all PLAYERS & OFFICIALS of clubs do a little bit each to make a huge impact in the grand scheme of things. Much has been documented recently about the state of today's game at all levels. Especially in terms of what some players are rumoured to get paid and also discipline towards officials (we've all been guilty of creating the issue at some point), so here is the perfect opportunity for EVERYONE (including myself) to make a huge difference with just a small good Deed- providing EVERYONE does their bit. I'm not currently attached to any club but will make my contribution and hope it's not just left to businesses or supporters of various clubs to dig deep, as both these already contribute every week to the existence of our fantastic local football scene. It may not be OUR mess, but a club in OUR County needs us all right now. Dont pay it lip service, take the bull by the horns and ask your teammates and club officials to chip in each a little before it's too late. Look forward to seeing the balance of donations rise fast!
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    This is the same Mousehole who have had their own recent issues and were knocked out of the Senior Cup by Millbrook - what a classy gesture
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    I have mixed feelings when reading this tbh. It's very sad that such an old club finds itself in trouble and nobody wants to see a club go under. However, I think you need to be much more up front about exactly how the debts were incurred and how such a thing will be avoided in the future. Stating you have a Β£9,000 debt that needs to be paid ASAP without further details and promising you won't do it again isn't going to cut it IMO. Also this initial pledge won't even secure the future of the club because you're just paying off a more immediate debt, so just stalling? Again not a great motivating factor for potential donators. If i'm reading this all correctly. So with that said I would make one suggestion. I think with crowdfunding you need to offer something that simply can't be bought and be really creative about it. So offering some value or perceived value at least. Β£100 for the remainder of home games for the season? I can just pay Β£4 x 10 or whatever it is. I understand that is not the point but nobody is going to go for that. Are you able to offer naming rights for your ground and also for the stand? I think those two things alone could generate some interest far beyond what you have offered so far. Maybe you could allow someone the chance to choose the design of next season's kit or design it themselves. A special dedication on the kit for next season or anything like that you can dream up.
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    Those water bottles dont't fill themselves!!!!!!
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    The bloke who plays upfront for St Austell is a typical example of bad attitude, a good striker at this level but has the persona of a gutter snipe, always moaning at the ref and the crowd he tries to get opponents sent off which is abhorent. Got away with an awful lot yesterday.
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    Holmans 3 - 0 Newquay Well a bit of a flat atmosphere at Blaythorne after the highs of last week, back to the grind of the league Newquay didn't play like a bottom of the table side and look like they've retained a lot of players from last season which is positive. We opened the scoring through Gary Bell on around 20mins, he also scored against Newquay in the first meeting. Reece Monteith added the second after a free kick was knocked down for him to finish from close range. We went in 2-0 at HT, Newquay did have a few half chances and broke through our midfield line a couple of times but didn't force our Keeper to make any big saves. Second half was a bit drab really. Jack Mankee was denied from the penalty spot after a brilliant save from the Newquay keeper who guessed correctly and got down well with a strong hand to turn it around the post. An important save for his team at 2-0. Neither side really getting into their stride though. That is until the introduction of 16 year old Lewis Goldsworthy for us with around 25-30mins left. His vision and weight of pass were really a joy to watch as well as his ability to run with the ball and make things happen. Definitely brought the game to life and topped it off with a brilliant goal. Cutting in from the left wing, he beat a couple of defenders before a composed finish into the opposite side netting at the railway end. Literally scoring a goal out of nothing. Great performance and his first senior goal, he's at least the 5th 16 year old making a mark for us this year. Really looking forward to seeing him playing some more and I wish I was that good at his age (or ever)! Scorers - Gary Bell, Reece Monteith and Lewis Goldsworthy.
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    Chris - a good day today for Probus with an impressive win against St Day, and with Frogpool and Falmouth both loosing games that on paper they would have wanted something from it has helped Probus in the League (sorry Tempo).. Newyln Lions winning also means that Div 3 is going to go until May before its decided.. Also good seeing 7 players who have all played for Probus Youth playing for the County U18 team and beating Sussex in the q/f to get to the semi final for only the third time ever of the National FA Counties Cup. Congrats to Josh Penrose, Joe Adkins, Ed Harrison, Charlie Hambly, James Haywood, Jack Rapsey and Alfie Flack - and all of the county squad.
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    Hi All, As has been the case for most of this season Storm FC are still looking to add to the squad and get a core group of available players together, I would guess at this stage of the season most people are with a team, but, if your not getting game time, want a change or are looking to sign for a club let me know. We have a good bunch of lads and games are always played in good spirits, we just need some consistency. Essentially whatever position you play could be useful at Storm. Get in touch if you fancy a change and want to keep a good team running Tony
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    Every good wish to Penzance. We need them to do well - that they could be the team to aspire to in this part of Cornwall. Great ground, great club and nice people.
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    I really do hope that Penzance can become a senior side once again. It is one of the oldest clubs in Cornwall and over the years I have enjoyed many matches down there. The facilities from the spectator point of view are excellent and the club deserves to be a player in senior football again. The best of luck.
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    St.day pitch midweek but got it ready to play again today. Played on it last Saturday and entertained culdrose today. Well done to the groundsmen!
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    Pity to disappoint you, Small Al, but Falmouth Town won 3-2 and are through to the semi-finals. Great performance by the boys, shame that you weren't there to enjoy it....oh, sorry, you don't like your own club.
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    Holmans res 3 carharrack 1 k marks 3 not a very entertaining game but great to catch up with some old boys Gary and Nick . Bit of banter throughout the match , well reffed as well . Att 4,245 😳