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    Awww you're making me blush. I said to a few players yesterday that if all games where played like Newbridge and Wendron did then you'd have refs queuing up. The game was played in the right spirit and both teams where respectful towards each other, me and the children in the park (while it was dry). Got to be 2 of the nicest teams I've ever had the pleasure to ref. Well done guys a good advert for the trelawney league and junior football.
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    Cornishrambler, as you are extremely knowledgeable and as you say something needs to be done then now is your chance to put things right, take a referee course get some experience and the show us how it should be done.
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    Hat-trick for Jack Rapsey as Newquay win 4-3 at Withy
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    Probably out on a limb but I think repeated action replays on TV are contributing massively to the dissent being witnessed at all levels on the game. The scrutiny of every decision to prove the officials are right or wrong - and the so called "experts" acting as judge & jury - is only encouraging everyone playing the game to question decisions rather than accepting them and getting on with the game. Referees are always right, even if they make a mistake; that's a fundimental rule of the game. Being able to prove a decision is right or wrong changes nothing - and that's the way it should be, particularly at the level we're involved with!
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    Congratulations to Sticker, champions of Division 1 West and potential Premier Division new boys.
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    Hello all. My name is Brian Fisher and I am taking on the managers position at Threemilestone AFC from 11th March. I played for Perranwell in the Combination league for 20 years, winning leagues and cups, as well as a brief half a season at Truro City South Western in 2003. After retiring I helped coach Truro City Devils youth team from U8 to U16, again winning everything from leagues, cups and the Cornwall County Cup two years running. I am coming in to steady the ship this year, (with my colleague Mark Woolcock as my number two), to bring some youth players in and to get ready for a big pre-season and league 1 next season. Our next full training session will be on Thursday 9th March at Truro School all weather pitch from 6pm to 7.30pm, any new players who want to come along are welcome, (call me on 07739788650). I am bringing in a few of my Truro youth players in March and April to gain experience for next season, but we still need experienced players to bring them on and add their knowledge to the group......so please let us know of any players who can help bolster the group. (maybe you are not getting 90 minutes every week?) With the existing group of players, some youth and some new/old blood...the future is looking bright at TMS :-)
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    Great points gents!!! Spot on Bob I think, it works brilliantly in the vets league for those "breathers" and you can also have a knackered knee and just play the last 20 minutes of games but when your team gets a penalty you can just run (very slowly) on and take it and then walk off again!!! Brilliant!! 😀👍⚽
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    Sticker were pushed to the end of the game, by a Porthleven side that bore no resemblance to the side they played in an ill tempered affair earlier in the season. The Sticker lads seemed to be a bit jaded, and did not perform to their usual high standards, but they will learn from this match that they may have to grind out results if they are to remain unbeaten for the whole season, every remaining game will be treated like a cup final, as the opposition will want to be the first team to beat them in the league this season. Whatever the remainder of the season holds, the small Village of Sticker should be proud of what their football team has achieved. Congratulations to the team, and to all who helped them win the championship with still half a dozen or so matches to go.
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    I don't know who said it was the lining that needed doing for today's game as me and my manager have done it a few times this season. It was the pitch not being cut that is the problem. Our groundsman stepped down 3 weeks ago and the playing fields said that the pitch would be cut so we could mark it.. annoyingly it was not cut and even after we offered to cut it ourselves they refused as they said we need to pay insurance to drive the lawnmower. We are not happy about this at all as we really wanted to play today. Very sorry to Gwinear for not getting the game on but it was out of our hands. As for someone kicking us out of the cup, our secretary has already spoken to someone and the game is being rearranged.. as for us having suspensions we really wanted to get today's game played as we would only have 2 suspensions. Instead for next week's home game against Constantine we have 3 suspensions and we are gonna be down to a bare 11 or 12. Also, as our pitch was not able to be played on. We also offered Gwinear the chance to play the game at their ground. Considering we struggled massively on their pitch a few months ago I would've thought they would snap up the chance to play us at Gwinear. Obviously not.
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    Depends how intimate they get with each other. Why, half the population if St Just is indebted to our dugouts. Only place to get out if the wind for miles.
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    He qualified as a referee recently and was the match official for Rosudgeon v Newlyn NA on Saturday.
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    No game for us today (Godolphin) but with Boscastle failing to win means that we are CHAMPIONS! 🏆 So pleased for the lads after the work that has gone on this year to get us back up to Div 1. Thank you to all of clubs that have sent me congratulations messages this afternoon. Much love 💙⚽️
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    Even at this level it is disconcerting that only one person is able to mark the pitch. Football is a team game, surely another member of the team could step in, or perhaps a local rival groundsman would oblige for the price of a pint or two. All in all a pretty poor show. I do wish said groundsman very best wishes for a speedy recovery - if only for the teams progression to the end of the season!
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    Don't need a groundsman to push a line marker in a straight line! you can even follow a piece of string if it proves difficult.
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    Thankyou gents!!! Nice to have a couple angles of it! Not too chuffed on the angle of my stomach in that L shirt though!! 😳 Not my best pen ever, just wanted to hit the target really. Great to have it on film to remember it by though thanks for filming it 👍⚽. Still can't believe it's gone all over the world!! Googled my name next to a few countries when I was bored last night and it's gone to places like Brazil, lndia and Nigeria to name a few and most european countries!! Did an interview for Polstat Sport last wednesday and Italia Eurosport last Friday and got one tomorrow late afternoon for French tv and Le Foot magazine, bit like our Fourfourtwo by all accounts! Hope they won't mind going to the senior cup semi final at Wadebridge if we're running late!! 😁 Never thought about it being a world record when I was just struggling to get there with my dodgy knees! Just wish Roy Castle was still around to give me my certificate!! Anyway, nice while it lasts and a bit of exposure for Cornish football which we deserve!! Not as good as the county youth lads getting to the final though!!! 👍👌⚽🏆 Perhaps the scouts will actually come down over the Tamar bridge in future and have a look at some of our talented youngsters now! 👍⚽ Thanks again to everyone for all the great messages and wishes, been brilliant 👌⚽
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    Redruth linesman outstanding today, gave a goal that got cleared off the line which the ref wouldn't have been able to give but he was honest and gave it. Told the ref a foul was committed by his own player which led to a yellow card ( ref had given a goal kick) not many linesmen would be as honest as Redruths today, so bravo and well done.
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    Falmouth DC 0 Probus 4 We started well and took the lead after 20 minutes when Paul Cox finished well. He then doubled the lead when a Mark Sherris effort was saved and he followed up to tap the ball home. Falmouth kept coming at us without really creating anything clear cut and Sam Jones in goal for us dealt with everything that he had to do. 2-0 to Probus at half-time. We started the second half on top and had a few half chances that were dealt with by the keeper. He made an outstanding save when Pete Davey's left foot strike from 20 yards was heading for the back of the net until he threw himself across goal. We did eventually add to the score when Pete Davey's free kick was headed in by me! Not long after Dean Southworth, who was outstanding today, won the ball on the left hand side and he played in Stuart Rowe who finished well. Falmouth DC never gave up but never really created anything clear. Final score 4-0. Overall we deserved the win in very difficult conditions and everyone of the squad did their job well today. A very good 3 points for us at a hard place to get a result. The referee, Kevin Bennetts, was excellent and played advantage wherever he could.
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    So the travellers are right at home then?😉 Joking aside, terrible to get games postponed for this! Such a lack of respect from a society that is supposedly built on 'respect'. Terrible for the children who miss out on something they spend their week looking forward to, for businesses and residents. Not to mention the club itself, which is impressed a lot of people of late. Miss out on income, the risk of vandalism. I hope that they are able to move them on sooner rather than later; I've nothing against the folk until it starts to have a deprimental effect on the rest of society.
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    An unfortunate choice of wording hoppit, there is nothing nice about it. Just ask the residents that live 50 metres away, the families who are encouraged by PCC to walk their dogs responsibly, the families of the Under 10's & 12's who cannot play football due to dogs mess on their pitch, the thefts from the corner shop by 'children', the break in at properties in the area and people arrested and then return them back again. For all these responsible people of society who go lawfully about their daily business , nothing can be done. Welcome to La La Land.
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    Hi all I wanted to take this opportunity to update you all on our current situation at Millbrook AFC, as our crowdfunding page come to a close tonight we have raised the fantastic sum of £6610. this figure is nothing short of a miracle and I would like to thank all of the footballing family across Cornwall you know who you are, supporters clubs and our local community for supporting us in our hour of need we can't thank you all enough as you truly have helped to save our club. At this point through a lot of hard work and effort we will be able to clear the main creditor debt that has been pressuring us completely, this is unbelievable considering where we were 4 weeks ago, we have also received additional donations from local businesses this will help to clear additional creditors. Moving forward we have an opportunity to manage a smaller group of creditors and continue the hard work to raise the additional funds required to stabilise the club further whilst working towards a new and positive future with strict management on a strong and stable financial footing with our new structure and committee already in place, whilst continuing to build competitive squads in the SW Peninsula and East Cornwall leagues respectively and supporting our youth football project for years to come thanks again for your support it's been amazing Mark Pratten Chairman Millbrook AFC
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    I care!! Was a good game to be playing in and we held are own first half against a good Bodmin side. But at 3-2 it could of gone either way but the linesman got it wrong badly never a free kick and it cost us a goal. Don't mind loosing but it spoilt what was a good game in horrendous conditions!! Good luck to my old team in the final....😊👍
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    Good post somersetspur. My personal thoughts maybe a little blinkered as I worked with Steve M and Peter very closely in my tenure managing the Peninsula side. Moving away from the issues I had with Pete ( which there were many) the club died when the reserves were pull out of the SWL West Divison, I made personal phone calls to Rob and JB who took over the reigns when i resigned and warned them of the transition i could see occurring, without being too patronising my thoughts were correct within months. The heart of the club was in the reserves team, players that had played from youth football right through to playing at a senior level for the club. Steve Massey attempted to get the best players from local football to play at the highest leve, well within budget, no major high flying aspirations that could not be achieved, it was all pretty sustainable. Peter had very different ideas and not coming from a football background it was obvious that the club would be where they are at this current time. I think i could have written a book of craziness that was happening behind the scenes whilst i was managing the side, but i left with good memories and in in the top 5, I continue to have a good friendship with Steve and lots of the players of the club who now have unfortunately moved to new pastures. I wish all the real Truro City fans the best for the future and bring back your reserves, it's your history not a Toy. Reno
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    We definitely shouldn't scrap it, its been good for us this season with having a big squad, getting the youngsters involved and others involved who wouldn't usually come on or have much game time if we didn't have the roll on roll off 5 subs rule.
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    Sad indeed. 'Idiotic' hardly describes this comment.
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    Supplementary Cup semi, Western 0 Royal Par 1. Royal Par booked a place in their first ever final with a 1-0 win at high flying Western. Away side fully deserved their victory through a Mark Place strike in the first half and will now face Wendron FC in the final. Both sides have had a fantastic season so far, Western riding high in 3rd and with victories over St Dennis and Callington, Royal Par have a new kit and roast potatoes after home games. Tickets for the final will be scarce mainly due to no tickets being needed to get in and watch. I would urge the league to look at where the final is played. After our Royal Par Xmas do I tried to walk the 5 miles home before collapsing drunk 200 yards down the road and had to be rescued. If we win the final 40 miles down the road the wife may never see me again.
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    Many congratulations to all involved with Sticker AFC - what a season so far!
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    Local follower we dropped out out of the league 3/4 seasons ago due to unforeseen circumstances we have regrouped had back to back promotions and now in a very gd position to go for this promotion we have done this through hard work and rebuilding and no money to pay players your out of order talking about something you obviously know nothing about I hope we get promotion and who ever your team we give them a proper Pendeen welcome
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    Just wanted to say a quick word about Storm, we played a reverse fixture this weekend due to their place being waterlogged. They didn't have to agree by any means, would have been easier for them to just call it off and have the day out of the weather. Credit to them that they agreed, knowing that they they were more than likely coming over to a defeat. Great attitude throughout and also have to say a word about their keeper, pulled off some excellent saves and the score could have been a lot higher. Think Culdrose v Penwith 2 out of our last 3 games this season could be very interesting encounters. Potential league deciders! Should Penwith drop a few points elsewhere of course.
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    Put this another way and this is not a blight on the new ref. Your club has a new player turn up and you are really short like storm or tms for instant. He makes a mistake that means you conceded a goal, do you come on here and complain about him !!!
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    Cornwall 2 Durham 1 Great result, a wonderful achievement by the young lads, Glynn and his management team. Congratulations and good luck in the final.
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    David B - am fairly certain that County Caps are for 8 games, as the squad has played 7 - 8 after Saturday's game this season will all the uncapped players will get their cap this weekend - thinking about Josh P, Joe Adkins, Cam Turner, Jack R especially, as this will be their last HOME game playing for the County U18 - all the younger lads will have home games next season - perhaps Ollie, Tiago, Jack W, Joel, Luke (there will be more) could get their caps after the final?? Either way - massive achievement for the lads, and Glynn and his coaches / Physio. Also - watched the Truro College team play in the national youth league quarter final yesterday - winning 4-1 and now through to the semi final v Spurs at White Hart Lane in March (they have already beaten Fulham and Reading). The team had Tiago, Max R, Josh P starting, with Jack W, James H, Ollie W on the bench (Ed H and Charlie H both not playing as getting over sickness so fit for Saturday) - that's 8 of the County squad through to another National semi final. Allowing for three U19 players, the Truro College squad has some real quality, some of whom will feature in next season's County Squad - and the lad Finn Cross is a great striker, maybe one Glynn might look to bring on this season if Mattie is not available (sincere Condolences Mattie if you are reading this) Youth football in Cornwall has reached TWO national semi finals (finals to come) and is in great hands - we'll done to all involved, players, managers and CCFA 🐪👌⚽️
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    Or another way to look at it is that the owners, by divorcing the club from the community and failing to develop any kind of commercial activity beyond matchday therefore making the club unsustainable and taking the easy money from developers which to a large extent, funded the club until the start of this season have proved, that they are not fit and proper people to run a football club. The alienation of loyal supporters is totally their fault.
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    I knew this would be the outcome, WE have have been MUGGGED by TRURO CITY OWNERS . he calls me rude in a telephone call last month for talking about the club and falling attendance. WELL I WAS RIGHT HE will now asked that the club be demoted to lower leagues he is a JOKE and I am sorry to all at TISA when we was told this years ago HOW right they are . NO wonder he wanted them kept quite. WELL I hope he now, and let the fans who loves the club run it . GET PM OUT NOW
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    We like to whine more here in the West mate. Think there's more of us on the forum as well. I know I for one can't help but shove my thoughts into a debate where they're not wanted.
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    Was it soft on the bench Dave or wer you short 😉
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    Frogpool & Cusgarne Reserves 1 Probus 5 We took the lead when Connor Rhodes tapped in from 6 yards from a Mark Sherris cross. Frogpool came back strongly and looked dangerous with the ball in behind our back four (mainly due to my lack of pace!). A combination of the balls being over hit and the keeper having a good starting position meant they only got through once and our keeper Sam Jones made a good save from their quick centre forward. He made an even better save from a header when it looked like the ball was heading for the back of the net, but they did equalise when a corner came in and was only headed out to the Frogpool midfielder, who smashed the ball home on the half volley. We had a few other decent chances but we mainly blazed them over the bar. 1-1 at half time. We started the second half ok, but Frogpool could have taken the lead when a shot hit the bar and the rebound hit the post. We then took the lead when a free kick found its way to Pete Davey to tap home. Paul Cox increased our lead with a good finish and then we were fortunate with our fourth goal when Max Lawes shot dribbled into the net after a keeping mistake. The scoring was completed when Chris Shackley finished well low into the net. There was still chance for Frogpool to hit the bar again before the end. This was a tough game for us against a good team, who seemed to drop their heads when we went 3-1 up. Both teams had difficulties playing football on a tough pitch, but glad we got the game played. I thought the referee, Adam Martin, had a good game. Four Lanes away next week.
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    As a committee member I will be looking for Marazion to be expelled from the competition.
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    S Austell 5-0 Plymouth Parkway (H/T 2-0) Goals came: 40m, 41m, 46m, 54m, 60m Sorry I didn't get the third goal
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    I agree Dave and if you look back at Uwdi Kruggs reports over the season they are always fair and unbiased. At least he is prepared to put a match report in for the benefit of those who cannot get to the match. Keep up the good work Uwdi .
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    wouldn't go as far as poor match and dire (tad harsh). but it wasn't the best game of the season, maybe occasion effected it slightly, very even game as stated tho. a little to much long ball from both teams for me, would liked to have seen more from both sets of strikers on the turn rather than chasing long "hit and hopes". very interesting final 10/15 with Pendeen pushing for a goal. nice goal from St Stephens......good ball in and fantastic header all be it from close range. on the hole deserved the win.
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    I'm not sure what you guys were watching I think both teams were gd and competitive and both cancelled each other out all over the park was a great cup tie and fair play to st Stephen they took the only clear cut chance and gd luck in the final from all of us lads at Pendeen
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    The most important thing is the survival of these two great Clubs - along with too many others - to enable them to continue as members of the Cornish football family, playing at whichever level their performances deserve. I know how hard it is to get volunteers to join committees but blaming them or other individuals for a Clubs decline is far from fair or justifiable. The not-so-silent majority have had, and will continue to have the option of joining their Clubs committees; only then will they understand the realities of running a football Club. A sustainable plan for the future must be the most important item on the agenda for all Clubs.
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    KeithB if you look at the elbow incident he is already at the top of his jump and his only intention was to throw his arm back to injure the other player
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    Thanks....like the member name...but weren't you always older?? Back in the day, tough tackling was allowed......as were my 10-13 goals every season from midfield good times.... Whilst coaching U8 - U16's we have always promoted keeping the ball and playing it on the deck...which is why we have been so successful....hope to re-create that next season at TMS.
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    dobbie, you come onto this forum and proceed to slag off the referee, this saturday there again was a shortage of referee`s so much so that two Combination games were called off because of no officials available, now I ask myself is there any wonder at that, I am pretty certain you would not put up with the way we can get treated at times.
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    If the referee spots an attacking player encroach, the restart is as per the table - penalty retaken or indirect free kick to defending team. If the encroachment is by a player from each team, the penalty is retaken unless there has been a more serious offence committed. Just two things to note; you had to check the laws of the game after the match, which shows you weren't sure of the outcome. Your referee is a new referee and will make mistakes. If he made one or two today, then I am sure he would have realised after the game. If he is like me, he'd have gone home and read up on the specific incidents, or he would have asked more experienced referees. Encroachment can be a difficult phase to manage at times. It's made a little more difficult as the graph in the lawbook doesn't state what happens when two players from different teams encroach; instead it states that if two offences occur at the same time, the kick is retaken. This can easily be overlooked or/and misinterpreted. Secondly, there are reports circling on social media stating that the referees equipment was damaged by a representative of your club. Any truth in this? Look, referees are not perfect. Players are not perfect. The laws aren't perfect, hell, the game isnt perfect. If you want top class officials who are at the top of their game, you will not get that in grassroots football. Instead, especially in the junior leagues such as Trelawny, Duchy etc, you will get new referees who are learning their trade. How many misplaced passes were made by Ludgvan today? How many chances weren't taken? Tackles missed? How many mistakes did your players make today? I bet you any day of the week that the referees at any game this weekend made less mistakes than all of the players. There's a referee Course taking place next month....
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    Great game today Anita, many thanks!
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    I'm sure I'd be able to manage 90 minutes :-) might need a 10 minutes break half way through just for a breather (little bit outta shape after a few months retirement)
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    I drove up to watch the youthful Port side at Dobwalls on Saturday. Despite playing for a large part of the game with 10 men the home team dominated. The first goal scored by the young striker was out of the top drawer and veteran striker Dominic Richardson made it 2 before Dobwalls were had a player sent off, from where I was standing the decision looked to be harsh. The referee didn't have the best of games which spoilt it for both sides but you cannot play without one. The hosts extended their lead almost from the restart with a long range volley from the young striker. Porthleven pushed forward but couldn't break down the resolute Dobwalls defence until they were awarded a penalty just before the end which they scored from to give them a slim chance. The young Dobwalls striker certainly has an eye for goal but his work rate when he doesn't have the ball leaves a lot to be desired. He could learn a lot from his strike partner if he is willing to listen which would surely make him a far better player.