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    Probably delayed due to the roadworks.
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    Do you really think anyone takes any notice of the same old same old bullshit you post here day in day out. You are so ill informed and nothing more than a joke so why the hell don't you take your head out of your ass and engage that pea sized brain of yours before posting f**king crap. For years now you have posted shit about the SWPL & County officials yet are nothing more than a f**king keyboard warrior who has never revealed himself to SWPL or FA officials in person as you are nothing more than a keyboard warrior and a coward. Don't give a shit if I get banned from here but it is about time someone had the balls to call you the f**k out and told you exactly what people think of the crap you post on here you imbecile.
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    Just so you know, I actually live in Camborne so only half hour up the road for me. We are really looking forward to the challenge knowing we have the full support of the committee & hopefully all the players. We know how lucky we are to be taking on such a talented & close knit squad & our aim is to get them playing the type of football they are renowned for, buying in to what we ask of them & together we will bring more success to this brilliant club.
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    Does anyone know if Wayne hillson is going to be helping Lee hobbs at pway as I've just seen them up matalans trying on skinny chinos. Lee was struggling to get them over the calfs so Wayne was on hand to help pull them up
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    Hayle Football Club are pleased to announce the start of their regeneration programme.The contractors have moved in and are busy stripping the topsoil in readiness for the constuction of a full size (100 x 64 metre) 3G pitch. The facility will be floodlit with up to the minute LED lighting, which should give almost daylight vision.In addition the main natural grass pitch will be lit to a level of 200 LUX. and incorporate a new UPVC handrail. The existing MUGA will be returned to grass and made available for sides up to 8 years of age. Whilst alongside this development the clubhouse and changing rooms will be refurbished. The clubhouse will benefit from an internal extension by moving the bar, to enable a bigger function room to be established. The changing rooms will be serviced by a new boiler system, which will also run a new heating and hot water supply. There will also be new flooring in the changing rooms. The building will be decorated throughout and rewired to accomodate the improved internal lighting. At the present time we are on schedule to finish, weather permitting, on the 12th September this year. In addition the club have negotiated a 10 year 1st team kit deal with Kier Developers. We hope all this work will put the club in a stronger position to move forward in the years to come
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    If there was another thread, then apologies. But I just want to wish Penryn & local footballing legend, Andy Stivey a speedy recovery, following a nasty and complicated broken leg. All the best, mate
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    This sums up the British mentality. Mousehole have put a lot of work into laying foundations to take the club forward and all people can do is make negative comments. Good luck to all at Mousehole even if you fall flat on your face at least you tried
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    The Trelawny League AGM will take place on 28th June 2017 commencing at 7pm. All clubs currently in membership are entitled to send two delegates to the Annual General Meeting with only one being allowed to vote. Any club failing to attend without satisfactory reason will be fined Β£25. Clubs who have withdrawn their Membership of the Competition during the season being concluded or who are not continuing Membership shall be entitled to attend but shall vote only on matters relating to the season being concluded. Calling notices, agendas and Officers reports will be sent to clubs no less than 14 days prior to the meeting. On a personal note, I would like to take the time to thank Steve Carpenter for all his hard work over the past few years. Steve has been an integral part of the Trelawny League, carrying out his work to an extremely high standard. I am sure that I speak on behalf of everyone involved in Cornish Football, particularly the Trelawny League as I wish him well for the future. I very much hope that as soon as he gets back to the UK, he will again look to become involved with the league. His departure will be a massive loss to the Trelawny League. Thankfully, he will be on hand to offer his advice and guidance to his replacement, which is testament to him as a person. All the best Steve. Also departing his chair on the management committee will be our Fixtures Secretary, Gerald Sobey. Gerald has been around for many years and has always carried out his roles within the league to a high standard. Hopefully with his new found retirement from his league duties, Gerald will be able to have a few extra holidays. Again, Gerald will be on hand to offer his knowledge and guidance to his replacement. I wish Gerald all the best for the future. Thank you to both Gerald and Steve for your services.
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    Another season over, the highs, the lows, the dramas, the laughs, the bad decisions, the good ones, suddenly it's all done. To all the teams, the managers, the players, the refs, spectators, fellow linos and everyone else that makes up the great game we all love, thanks for another memorable season, it's great to be a small part of the real life drama that is the Combo League. Players and managers move on and we should all be thankful for what they have given their clubs and the game. In a summer with no World Cup, Euros, Olympics, we face a football free zone of emptiness; we have the Cup Final today, Champions League final next week, then what do we do? All answers on a postcard to............... Have a great summer until we can do it all again.............................
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    And why on earth would you consider that my post was sarcastic or directed towards you? What grounds could I possibly have for being antagonistic in my responses to your comments?
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    Don't think people realise how much a manager puts into their club, frequently getting players cry off sometimes an hour before kickoff. Managers think about their team all week and get let down at the last minute only if they are lucky enough will they have a second team manager who will or can help out.when you do this for a few seasons it will!! Wear you down
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    That's a very good post WO. Have to agree 110% Steve carpenter wow massive boots to fill. Known Steve for about 18 years since his days as Stithians manager, top bloke always , as said helpful, polite , always picks up the phone etc. I will say again what I have already told him enjoy your long holiday & get back sharpish πŸ‘
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    It's nice to see some people know the ins and outs of my job! They must know my schedule better than me! I suppose I better sort out my OpSec!
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    Ask Gilby what Bobby was like on boxing day, controlled the midfield from start to finish and Camels won 2 1. Overweight he maybe but got more talent than most in the league, scored some cracking goals last year.
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    Good luck to Stuart and Ryan,great to see younger managers with fresh ideas being given a chance. Its at times like this that these boys will need the full support of the social club and committee members. I for one will miss my yearly jaunt down to Blaise Park, a great club that will know doubt rise again
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    And i take my hat off to all involved at Wendron for what they have acheived, youth system, fantastic facilities and a great playing surface which is a credit to the club, as Chairman of a Club i know how much work must have gone into that process to deliver what they now have, its ironic as ive just watched they playoff final where they are playing for in excess of 190 million pounds for reaching the Premier League and on the other end of the scale you have clubs being refused promotion etc for having chippings in their carpark.
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    Football, whilst we all take it very seriously - some might say too seriously, is just a game. What happened at the Manchester Arena surely puts our love of sport into perspective. The horrendous bombing at a pop concert, killing and maiming young people and children is beyond belief, and we can only share in the grief and sadness of the families and friends of all those caught up in this murderous act. May God give them relief from their pain and suffering, at the loss of their loved ones.
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    I'm aware that there are a few fixtures to be played, but our Trelawny sides have now all finished their seasons so I'd like to take the moment to hand out a few thank you's. Firstly to all sides this year, The Trelawny League is improving week after week, and season after season. It's gone from strength to strength and in a few seasons it will be a great set up, in fact - that has been recognised with several awards going to the Trelawny League. Well done to all league winners, especially the ones we were involved with. CSM in the Prem, Penwith in Div 2 and New Inn Titans of Div 4. All worthy and deserved winners. Good luck to those in promotion and especially those hopin for promotion to the Combination League. Thanks to all clubs who have visited the Underlane this year, we hope you have enjoyed it and we hope that next year not so many leave with three points. Thank you to all of the officials who officiated our fixtures this year. You are the most hated men but the most important. I can't think back to many poor referring performances I've witnessed this year and I really believe that referring standards and respect is on the up. I hope that continues to happen and that next year there is more recognition of that. Thank you to all of our players for representing Wendron United FC this season and to all of our 'officials' for giving up their time to run the club and to help win Cornwall's Groundsman of the Year award for 2017. Lastly, I want to thank all of the Trelawny committee. The dedication and commitment you show to the job is endless and admirable. I know that myself, as well as others I imagine, have pestered you about this and that but each time you have been prompt, helpful and polite in your responses. We are lucky to have a great committe for our league in what is often and thankless task. From Gerald for the seemingly impossible job of arranging fixtures, to Paul for somehow getting games officiated and to the legend that is @Steve Carpenter! Enjoy retirement and thanks for all he help you've given me over the past few seasons. Be sad to see you go and they will be big shoes to fill! Thanks to you all, and those I have left out! Enjoy your 'break'. Wendron United FC
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    To be fair the lads that have joined Falmouth from penryn are all good enough for that level
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    There is nothing anywhere that requires clubs to have a 5 year plan. If this requirement were to be applied then, if you're looking to ensure club longevity, it would also have to apply to current clubs. All new member clubs have to achieve Charter Standard status within a year and this is the FA vehicle that attempts to ensure stability. As for Sijames arguments the following may help in fleshing out the bigger picture: The League Constitution is for three divisions of 14 and two of 15. There have been no proposals to change this. With the clubs/teams being promoted to the Combination League, resigning at the end of and withdrawing during last season there will obviously be vacancies in the bottom division. When combined this is not too dissimilar to the situation that the FHL and MDFL had every season. The loss of clubs/teams every season is always a concern but the reasons vary greatly and players moving from one club to form another has only happened on a very small number of occasions. At the end of every season about a third of all players do not re-register for the following season. Between 25% and a third of players change clubs from the end of one season to the start of the next. A further 10% transfer during the season. About a third of all players change their address each season. Given the last three points virtually no club can guarantee keeping the same players or numbers that they had the previous season. The focus from the FA has moved from 'growth' to 'sustainment' due to the national and international picture. To refuse entry to any club or team would need very, very good grounds. Without them an appeal to the FA would almost certainly be successful. To suggest that stopping new clubs joining will stop the drop off is, in my view, naive and will rapidly result in the League shrinking even further. If this policy were to be applied this season the bottom division would have 7 teams. That is clearly not sustainable so then what? At the level we are operating at the game is about having people playing for enjoyment and that's what we are here to facilitate. This is an unnecessary slight on those that run the game locally and does not reflect well on you I'm afraid. Apart from the fixed costs the only other expenses are those incurred by misconduct or failing to comply with rules and regulations i.e. they are with the control of the clubs. The loss of a Β£35 League affiliation fee is hardly going to break the bank. There are many other flaws in the points you raise above Sijames but I'm not going to go on forever. Quite frankly if yours turns out to be the majority view and it prevails at the AGM then I'm glad I'm going to be out of it.
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    Chippy Chapman ....total class keeper, as good as I've seen.
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    A different perspective: In our second season in the Premier Division some years ago - St Stephens Borough had 5 players attend the 1st training session. We cobbled a side together to start the season knowing that we would get relegated. Our record was Played 30, won 0, drew 3, lost 27. We somehow managed a 3-3 away draw against a strong Parkway side. We fulfilled every fixture and put out a starting XI each week. Within 3 years we won division 1 and got promoted again with basically the same people in charge. Football has always been cyclic in the Saltash area - so who knows what is not too far around the corner? I Wouldn't dare criticise other clubs as I know how hard things can be in keeping things afloat. Sad day for football and I've got nothing but best wishes for the future for St Dominick.
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    Surely a Butlins holiday is a reason not to sign!!
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    I think this subject is done to death now surely. If players are not happy at a club, or wish to try pastures new, they will leave. There are always individuals at a club who will take center stage, those who will go off and seek more money, and those who will remain loyal to ''their club''. What ever the whys and wherefores at Tavistock FC, I wish them well for the future, both for the players and the footballing enthusiasts of Tavistock.
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    Developing and using local players is the only guaranteed formula for ecconomic sustainability at this level of football. Retaining the youngsters as they develop can be a problem but good luck to Mousehole: it looks like a well-thoughtout plan.
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    Originally I liked the idea of keeping liskeard local but from my point of view it hasn't worked. Gotta say it's probably the best thing liskeard could do, there isn't enough good local players to maintain a strong swpl team and an ecpl team. No body wants to be fighting relegation every year and not many people want to go and watch that either. The way they have gone about it maybe not the best but in terms of looking at bettering themselves and looking for success as a club then something needed to change. There was a select few of players that I felt were good enough, so hopefully they will stay and earn there spot in the team and have more success and not fighting relegation every year.
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    Can of worms being opened in the wrong posting I think!! This post should be celebrating the forward thinking of a great Cornish club methinks!!! Good luck to Steve and all involved. MQx
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    Dont worry about brushes and tar mate, players just want to play football but if you have had "a few meetings" and "Liskeard approached you" then you dont have anything to worry about. Spare a thought for the guy who was coming in and bringing back local players to get the club through a sticky patch!! MQx
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    Well thats a lie... brown envelopes left behind at illogan club house.. was an interesting read lol
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    You sign for one club and that should be it. We had the bizarre situation of one of our first team players playing for us on the Saturday then playing against our reserve side on the Tuesday (!) Absolutely totally stupid.
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    Funny as , Leeds bleats on about St austells budget then Bodmin go on a massive raid of thier players offering more πŸ’ΆπŸ’ΆπŸ’ΆπŸ’Ά πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
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    That's a bit violent - he only asked for some figures (!)
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    And to complete the hat-trick of incorrect statements a random check with Companies House will tell you that Cornwall FA is on a par with Devon, a tad ahead of Dorset but way way behind the likes of Somerset, Lancashire and Essex. As for the tongue in cheek comment about blazers, they are of course bought by board and Council members not the CCFA.
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    Catching up with all the jobs I should have done in the last 11 months ....instead of running around wiping players bums, and all the other things it takes to run a football club.....because no-one does anything anymore.
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    Your quotation implies that you don't believe it's grass? Ballsax may correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe West Cornwall are entirely self-funded (along with sponsors), with players and volunteers doing the work on their ground to get the pitch up to the required specifications for the Combination League. Shouldn't they be congratulated rather than criticised? I've seen lots of teams congratulate Pendeen, but as far as I'm aware they haven't actually been confirmed as being promoted due to potential issues with the dimensions of their dugouts and yet, only a couple of contributors on this website not congratulating a club with ambition being promoted to senior football. Beggars belief!
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    Firstly, Thanks Juan for the sentiments. It was a really tough league this year, which the table will show. Any 2 of 6 could have been in this position. Congrats to SOM on their league win, absolutely deserved, and if they applied next year, and passed the grading, would walk into Combo and be a great addition. Also Congrats to Pendeen, was a hell of a run at the end of the season to get the points on the board, thoroughly deserved. For our part though, what started as an idea 8/9 years ago by 4 or 5 people, to start up a side full of local lads that were all mates, and try and climb through the leagues, has tonight been justified. After the merge of Mining and Fal/Helston leagues effectively put us 2 promotions back, the core of the guys stuck together and carried on. We all play for the club and each other, and I might be biased, but this is nothing less than we deserve. Whatever happens now, nobody can take away what we've achieved in our short time together. Not bad for Illogan 4th team!!
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    12 o'clock Football Focus, 3 o'clock football, 5 o'clock beer and nibbles - isn't that the rule ?
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    The big Man will always score important goals...asset to any squad, in my opinion. He won't hang his boots up, loves hitting the net too much.
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    That big fat lad has never scored 2000 goals has he Dave!!! πŸ˜‚ Had a good few days being filmed (in wide angle) thanks to everyone who helped out with it, much appreciated, was a good laugh. Something for the grandchildren when I'm long gone anyway!!! Cheers gents βš½πŸ‘
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    True words mate, I doubt you will be the last one if the lack of loyalty, vision and respect continues within football. Following our conversation I just sat and wondered why this has happened and I cant see any real reason for any club to treat players and managers like this so I do hope that this does not push you away from football. MQx
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    Sometimes being a "big club" isn't about facilities and resources. It's about morals and class
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    Jamie bass and Paul heveran are on Β£20 and a fidget spinner plus they have struck a deal that they can fart in the changing room before and after the game but not at half time
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    Irrespective of size, I rather see him knock a telling 40yr defence splitting pass than some of the headless chicken idiots who just run around in circles for 90 min. And theres plenty of those in this league
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    You only have to look at a club like Wendron who put in huge amounts of effort a few years ago and received a grant in excess of half a million. It starts with a club infrastructure that includes a sizeable youth system and ladies/girls opportunities. A development plan to guarantee the future of the investment must also be in place as the Football Foundation will essentially be giving away public money as the FA is a not for profit organisation. If you're willing to grow a proper club and have willing volunteers you stand a chance. If the money is to pay for your first team to win trophies don't waste your time.
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    Ridiculous, richest football system in the world and hardly anything gets filtered down to localised clubs, the fa need to seriously look at the much larger picture in front of them, there should be a form of financial dividend for clubs who show the inclination and ambition to play at the highest level within their means 😠
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    Shite that is!! Some of the best grounds in Cornwall there!! What a load of old bollocks x
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    Like to wish Kev all the best also. A hard but fair defender back in his hey day and always a tough 90 minutes against Kev but always first man to shake your hand at the final whistle and great company in the bar after. Doing the Indy Combo reports the last few years I had the pleasure of speaking to Kev most Saturdays after the games when he masterminded Mullions title winning Combo season a few years back and he talks a lot of sense, proper football man, don't get too carried away with his success but don't make excuses on the odd occasion they lost, tells you how it is. Don't think you'll find too many having a bad word to say about Kev and I think he's a great choice for Godolphin who are a club that have made unbelievable strides themselves over the last 10 years or so on and off the pitch. As someone has already said, think it could be a good fit and partnership.
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    Get the final back on at 3pm. Give more tickets to the fans of the clubs who get to the final. In earlier rounds, don't spread the games out over 4 days. Semi finals at Wembley!! Fans don't want that Tv has ruined football as a sport because of the money involved. The best day in the calendar used to be the first Saturday in January when all 3rd round games were played. Now there's about 7 played. The FA have ruined their own competition
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    Penzance 6-1 Newbridge Athletic Newbridge goal from Aaron Jones The final ever game for Newbridge Athletic. Yes we lost to young Penzance side but enjoyed the game. Being our final game we played every player out of position and decided if we score we would celebrate in style. Before the game we picked numbers to choose our positions for the second half. One of our defenders Craig Phillis started in goal the first half and made some good saves to keep Penzance to just the one goal in the first half. Newbridge "forwards" were two players who hadnt scored all season our captain Dill Birch and myself newbridge goalkeeper and club captain. We had a few chances but came to nothing. Second half we all changed positions one of our young lads went in goal myself and dill went to centre back. Penzance started the second half well and double their lead. After switching their goalkeeper he then found a third for the home team with a goal kick from his hands it bounced over the back line and bounced over our youngster in goal. We then switched our keeper again and Manager Matt Montgomery went between the sticks. He took a goal kick which fell straight to a penzance player and he chipped it over the top of him to make it four. Newbridge had a couple of freekicks with Aaron coming closest but straight into the goalkeepers arms and the Penzance Captain picked up a yellow card for the 2nd from a cynical foul on the edge of the box, fortunaly for him our striker was going away from goal as it could quite easily have ben red. Penzance scored a further two goals one of which was offside at two occasions and with a 3 on one attack put thier six goal past Matt, but our lino fail to put the flag up properly and the ref gave the goal. Newbridge had a final chance to get a goal. One of the penzance players fouled our player on the edge of the box and the ref played advantage only for the penzance player to catch me in the face with with the back of his head (accidently of course). The ref bought it back and gave the freekick even though Dill had fought he gave a penalty. The reffed told us it would be the final kick off the game. I stepped up to take the freekick, the goal keeper made his wall and i slammed the ball into the top right hand corner with the goal keeper moving behind his wall. We celebrated my first goal and Newbridge last goal as a club in style with bundles in the bottom corner. Thanks to the Penzance team for the food back in the pub you got some top lads there, im sure you will only build on what you have and to the Mousehole lad Tom for filming my first and last goal for Newbridge Athletic.