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  2. Nah Can't be True or is it?
  3. The new Steve carpenter he'll be fair play if that is correct the hardest job in the Trelawny league bar none
  4. St Austell 3-1 Crediton United Callington Town 0 v 3 Bodmin Town Godolphin Atlantic 1 v 2 Exmouth Town Ivybridge Town 1 v 2 Cullompton Rangers Launceston 2 v 2 Helston Athletic Newquay 1 v 4 Tiverton Town Reserves Plymouth Parkway 4 v 1 Falmouth Town Tavistock 2 v 1 Saltash United Torpoint Athletic 2 v 1 Witheridge
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  6. Bodmin Town 4 v 0 Mousehole
  7. Compared with the likes of Pele and Gerd Muller - a true superstar!
  8. Truro: Rice, Knowles, Richards, Riley-Lowe, Bentley, Pugh (C), Brett, Harvey (Neal 73), Yetton (Byrne 86), Thompson, Allen. Subs not used: Smith, Adelsbury, Booth. 8 attempts: 2 goals (Harvey 11pen, 35),1 saved (Harvey 33), 2 blocked (Knowles FK32, Richards 33), 3 off-target (Allen 64, Pugh 81, Neal 90+2). 7 corners (left 33, 47, 59, 60, 60, right 59, 81), 3 offsides, 7 FKs conceded. 1 yellow (Thompson 68 ). MotM Harvey Gosport: Miles, Dawson, Bird, Sanders, Wassmer, Carmichael, Lea (Bailey, half-time), Harding (Masterton 78 ),Lee, Wright (Martin half-time), Oastler (C). Subs not used: Thomas, Brice. 5 attempts: 2 saved (Carmichael 35, Lee 75), 3 off-target (Wright 30, Martin 46, Bailey 79). 2 corners (left 75, right 75), 4 offsides, 12 FKs conceded. 3 yellows (Carmichael 19, Dawson 53, Oastler 65). Ref: Robert Massey-Ellis (Coventry), Tim Burley (Cornwall), Sean Rothwell (Devon). Gate 319, 50/50 winner 1814. Don't know if it was claimed. No-one has identified my mystery group: box of Foxes assorted biscuits (including some choccy ones) carried forward to Saturday! 3 welcome points but Gosport were very poor.
  9. St Austell 4 v 1 Crediton United (2.30 pm) PREMIER DIVISION Callington Town 1 v 3 Bodmin Town Godolphin Atlantic 0 v 3 Exmouth Town Ivybridge Town 1 v 1 Cullompton Rangers Launceston 2 v 2 Helston Athletic Newquay 1 v 3 Tiverton Town Reserves Plymouth Parkway 2 v 1 Falmouth Town Tavistock 3 v 1 Saltash United Torpoint Athletic 3 v 0 Witheridge
  10. Bodmin 8 - 0 Mousehole
  11. So we will know who to blame should we lose on Saturday! I wouldn't say it was a great performance but a step in the right direction and I believe we will be in with a chance if we play similar on Saturday.
  12. Interesting quote on a media website. Dont know if it is true. But they say a planning application have been approved,at SilverBow site,for Stables,Offices and a Gymnasium. Plan B, maybe.?????????????????
  13. Well my new house is looking good
  14. Pretty football doesn't always win matches sometimes it has to be ugly teamed with pure heart and determination survival of the fittest ugly and 3 points is better than pretty with 0 points
  15. Frogpool next babe 😘😘😘
  16. I can't reveal it yet as it's not been formally agreed but I'll be laying off some of my "duties" to take on this one. Again, it was a case of if I don't do it, no-one else will. Ive put in for my level 6-4 promotion for refereeing. Whether I get that or not will be a completely different story, mainly because I'll be away for three months over Christmas. We'll have to see. I still intend to play when I can; I'll use my Sunday mornings at Wendron for that. On Saturdays when I haven't got a game to referee (for one reason or another, usually because of work), I'm lucky to have a good manager at Wendron who lets me play. Thankfully the other half understands that most of what I do is purely to help people. Unfortunately she just gets quite annoyed when my help is thrown back in my face, which is understandable Thanks for the kind words by the way.
  17. I notice that age hasn't improved your language older. We're supposed to grow older gracefully sir and at peace with our neighbours, ourselves and God.
  18. TCFC can only beat what is in front of them. Some are saying it was a great performance.??????????????????????. I say its all about winning games now.Another 3 wins for safety,I think. Gosport are a very poor side,who will be relegated,so as you quoted a more difficult game awaits on Saturday against St Albans. Im afraid I will not be there,European football at Wembley with the Spurs,and a few days away.
  19. good luck with your deployment and stay safe. dont tell me you are taking on more? you must have a very understanding partner! what are you taking on? are you not playing? refereeing? single handedly turning clubs fortunes around?
  20. Agree with Si James certain teams get away with murder in the combo league. Yes Perranwell have fantastic history when Dave was in charge but how the hell is a park bench satisfactory & dangerous pull over for the day roofs which in windy conditions cannot be used , ok then every one suffers.We have had to spend out on dug outs etc i know Carharrack are spending huge amounts like others there has to be a rule for all. You should be given a certain amount of time to get up to scratch if not done then out. As for (its a council pitch) never stopped Redruth Utd. If a team cannot manage to sort with the council Move?????
  21. Mangle agree about not having much money , but could you at 67 do the same job as you do now ? I know I couldn't , Arsene replacement would be difficult ,But utd consistently won titles , our club hasn't , look at Chelsea this season we stuffed them at the Emirates , but their New manager ( Conte ) has changed the way they play since and at present they are very hard to beat , our team doesn't seem to learn we make the same mistakes . Usmanov was stitched up he is the second largest shareholder but can't get on the board , a few seasons back when Lady Bracewell sold her shares to Satan she realised after that she should have sold them to Usmanov for the good of the club and has stated that puplicly and her family owned shares for years , any decent fan doesn't want him sacked but perhaps a move upstairs , it will come he can't go on for ever who to replace ? Don't know but the club was there before Arsene and before I started supporting them and will be long after he leaves and I move on from this earth , it is Arsenal FC not Arsene or yanks utd , fans divided Mangle interesting times ahead , even ex players who played for him have noticed a change in his demeanour , and comment he is burnt out , personally I don't want him end up I'll after all he put into the club , he will always be known as Arsenal greatest manager but I am afraid father time catches up with us all.
  22. It will never happen, after so many dates i have lost faith with the owners and to be called rude because I dare to ask shows someone is losing the plot
  23. Are you, or do you know anyone, who is 35 and over and is not quite ready to hang up the boots? If so why not click on the link below for a list of clubs playing in the Q Cornwall Veterans League. Find a club near you, click on the club's badge for the team's details and contact information. A few teams have seen player numbers fall and would be very happy to see some new blood. Most games are played on Sunday mornings with five rolling subs permitted. Click here for clubs playing the Q Cornwall Leisure Veterans League
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