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  2. I mentioned the carpark surface at Launceston being one reason I believe they were given penalty points against them. Well what about Exmouth ? The carpark at Exmouth is very small, and, is pretty well all loose chippings ! Something doesn't ring right when you compare the two clubs - how come Exmouth aren't on the above list ? I know they were refused promotion some seasons ago (two ?) but I don't think the carpark was mentioned. I may be wrong.
  3. Agreed, there are companies who will source funding for you usually at a fee of 10% of the total amount achieved which has to be paid independently by the Club as thier fees cannot be incorporated within the grant money. With clubs like ours with a small catchment area it's difficult to source the people needed for all the numerous posts within a football Club, i envisage the queue for the post of volountary grants coordinator is a small one along with the linesmans etc etc
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  5. Wow, how many Managers, Assistants, Head Coaches,, Coaches, person who sets up the cones does one club need! Looks like the Massey siblings be pulling the strings, with the help of Steve Jewell when Steve can't make it.
  6. Best of luck to them from me ...but the geography is a killer.
  7. There are people out there who will go through the process for a cost - which I believe you may be able to recoup from within the grant. Other clubs have had people with time on there hands who will do it as a volunteer. I looked at a lottery grant many years ago, it would have taken about two years to achieve the grant ....just never had the time.
  8. I will be getting ready for next season. As a football secretary the new season starts these days before the end of the current season
  9. I understand that the cornwall fa is one of the wealthiest in the country. Perhaps they spend too much on buying black blazers for their members !
  10. The question was: Which funding comes from the C.C.F.A. not through the C.C.F.A., such as the Football Stadia Improvement Fund. In other words, do the C.C.F.A. have accessable funding for grassroot clubs that is distributed by themselves, and at their discrection?.
  11. Here's the first in a series of regular articles over the summer on the various aspects of the Mousehole's new 5-year plan. This first one from the club is a ‘signing off’ of the season just finished, together with a foretaste of the things to come. MOUSEHOLE AFC CLUB STATEMENT: END-OF-SEASON REPORT “A season of two halves” The Seagulls’ 2016/17 campaign was marked by the unexpected mid-season departure of player-manager Wayne Quinn and assistant Mark Vercesi, followed by half of the squad they had brought to Trungle Parc. The club’s public statement paid tribute to Wayne and Mark as the architects of the most successful three-year period in the club’s history, including a championship and cup winning ‘double’ that broke several league records. The second half of the season saw the club pull together in the face of the new challenges. On the playing side, Steve Parker-Billinge, the first-team goalkeeper, was appointed player-manager and his newly assembled team, joined by players promoted from the Reserves and supplemented by some new signings, battled against the odds to finish the season in winning form in 6th place in the South West Peninsula League West Division, having dropped only one place since the January changes. The Reserves, however, found themselves short of numbers and despite new arrivals struggled to gain enough points to climb out of the relegation zone in the Trelawny League Premier Division. In the meantime, Mousehole Women had their most successful season, finishing in a best-ever 4th-place in the Cornwall Women’s League. “The comeback is stronger than the setback” The club has created fresh opportunity from the successes of the last 3-year plan, during which over £200,000 was invested in its infrastructure. The committee recognised the enormous support and goodwill shown to the club as it pulled together on all fronts, and has resolved to use its positivity, vision and energy to devise and implement a new more innovative and ambitious five-year strategy. The overall aim is to enable the club to realise its full potential both on and off the pitch, developing all aspects of the club in an integrated, sustainable and step-by-step manner. Chairman Tim Richardson said: “These are exciting times for Mousehole AFC. Over the coming weeks, we will be unveiling one by one the various initiatives in our new strategy, which will demonstrate our ambition and determination to become the top club in Cornwall. A final big thank you to all who have contributed to our last three years’ success, and an even bigger “let’s make this happen” to all those committed to the next five”. *****
  12. And i take my hat off to all involved at Wendron for what they have acheived, youth system, fantastic facilities and a great playing surface which is a credit to the club, as Chairman of a Club i know how much work must have gone into that process to deliver what they now have, its ironic as ive just watched they playoff final where they are playing for in excess of 190 million pounds for reaching the Premier League and on the other end of the scale you have clubs being refused promotion etc for having chippings in their carpark.
  13. Was the Chelsea end? Newton Abbott lad could be from the same supporters club as myself
  14. You only have to look at a club like Wendron who put in huge amounts of effort a few years ago and received a grant in excess of half a million. It starts with a club infrastructure that includes a sizeable youth system and ladies/girls opportunities. A development plan to guarantee the future of the investment must also be in place as the Football Foundation will essentially be giving away public money as the FA is a not for profit organisation. If you're willing to grow a proper club and have willing volunteers you stand a chance. If the money is to pay for your first team to win trophies don't waste your time.
  15. Its easy to say the funding is readily available to clubs within the route of grant funding etc, the reality of the situation is unless you as a club are fortunate enough to have someone to tirelessly go through the various grant applications and whom knows how to navigate through the process you are at a dead end, most of the available grants are match funded and lots of others require 10% of the total amount gained upfront, my point being the FA keep adding extra constraints and stipulations for progression without taking into consideration that most volountary run clubs (at grassroots) barely make enough to keep the wolf from the door.
  16. I have said this before if a club shows any interest in improving their status the fa ground grading standard is set too high at the lower levels making it harder for clubs to progress.the system is heavily stacked against clubs. This is why clubs in Cornwall do not go for promotion and yes I know they pay players money but where is the incentive to progress. If only we could find a few honest millionaires here in Cornwall
  17. Last I heard Chris Luxton lived in Australia and has done for a few good years and was in the process of applying for residence. May of all changed though and I could be wrong.
  18. I think all clubs know where to find the information about available grants: however, clubs still need to find a percentage of the costs themselves - at least 30-40%. The difficulty is "saving" their share of the money from within their already tight budgets!
  19. thought Chris luxton was already at BODMIN he was a brilliant player last time i saw play was against Leeds and thats got to be 5 years ago hope he does play again he was a hell of a player and Ollie Brokenshire isnt a bad player as well so Bodmin will have a good team again they will be overun in midfield some of those players there will be going Lance Bailey i expect willl go back to Plymouth Parkway
  20. Another great appointment, jeweller will get that changing room buzzing! 👏
  21. Or perhaps get players to take a pay cut ?? To offset costs .
  22. Which funding comes from Cornwall F.A. and what is the criteria for applying please?
  23. Don't think they have a mirror or a ghetto blaster in the changing rooms.
  24. Wrong again , you are the gift that keeps giving
  25. Both the FA and Cornwall FA do offer financial support via the Football Stadium Improvement Fund, as well other sources - individual clubs just need to apply.
  26. Helston Athletic Football Club is pleased to confirm, that with immediate effect, Steve Massey will assume the position of Manager for the Club’s First Team. Explaining his decision Massey said “Since taking an active role at Helston AFC, Stuart and I have been formulating a plan to ensure that the on field success at the Club mirrors the excellent progress it has made off it in becoming a focal point to the local community. We are committed to involving as much local talent as possible to achieve that goal. Having met with many players, managers and coaches over the past few weeks, we have been particularly impressed with Steve Jewel, Jamie Thomson and former Helston player Chris Strike. All three have expressed a strong desire to be part of the future of the Club. All have significant playing, coaching and managerial experience at various levels of the game. Stuart and I see a great opportunity to use our many years experience, in both professional and local football, to mentor and develop those who we believe have the ability and potential to be long time leaders at the Club. Steve and Chris will assume the role of First Team Assistant Managers, and Jamie will be the Head Coach. ” Stuart Massey, General Manager of Football at Helston added “Steve and I have always wanted the opportunity, to develop, a strong football team in Cornwall that is focused on local talent. With the support of Chairman Paul Hendy and the Committee at Helston we believe this is our opportunity to do that. Everybody involved understands that this is not going to be something that will occur overnight and that it will take time, hard work and commitment to make this happen. We are keeping our expectations realistic and our goal for next season is to win enough points to qualify for the 18/19 FA Cup. Once we have achieved that we can focus on adding some silverware to the Club’s trophy cabinet.” In addition to the First Team appointments, the Club is delighted to announce that Graham Blake has agreed to continue as Manager of the Club’s Reserve team who play in the Cornwall Combination League. He will be supported in that position by long standing Helston player Aaron Collick. After five successful years as manager of the Clubs Third team, Robert Price has resigned his position in order that he can commit to other family weekend activities. The Club is currently looking for a replacement for the forthcoming season. The Third Team has traditionally been a stepping stone for players wanting to progress from the clubs youth to adult football, the Club is therefore looking for somebody with both adult and youth coaching experience who is able to continue the remarkable success the team has had under Rob’s leadership. Anybody interested in the Third team Managers position, and any players wishing to represent Helston Athletic Football Club at any level in the 2017/18 season should contact: Steve Massey Stuart Massey Tel: 07977 466105 or Tel: 07530 210491 Email: Email:
  27. Reading between the lines, frying pan to fire springs straight to mind. I know a lot of concerned social club members who are very worried at (in their words) 'realistic' chances of losing their Senior Football Status with the two new managers in charge. Good luck St.Blazey
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