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  3. Sat 22nd Games

    Not meaning to be disrespectful , but would you not expect professional football clubs to score 6 or 7 past our teams ? Think you are being a bit harsh on Tavi , but that is your opinion.
  4. 'Goliath v David' at Bickland tonight

    Fair play to Troon and they have nothing to lose, will be a great workout for their lads against a decent outfit. I think Troon will give a great account of themselves and in football anything can happen, good luck and I'm sure it'll be a great game for the neutral!!!
  5. could get embarrassing
  6. Falmouth Town (SWPL Premier) entertain Troon AFC (Trelawny League Premier) Level10 v level 13
  7. Sat 22nd Games

    dont think the,y will be in top 6 they let in 21 goals in pre season didnt they against Plymouth Grimsby and CARDIFF but i expect they will go and win the league now bald one
  8. Money in combo

    Remember back when I played.i was asked to play for a club and told they would get me a job as I was unemployed.true to my word I saw the season out with my club then moved.it has been going on for ever and always will.
  9. Plymouth Argyle PSF in Disarray

    You reap what you sow.
  10. Sat 22nd Games

    You said they would struggle to get into the top half ?
  11. Due to opposition pulling out veryan are looking for a home friendly this Thursday 6:30-6:45 ko
  12. Sat 22nd Games

    Plymouth to St Blazey isn't much difference from Plymouth to Newquay. He was also at St Austell last year. He will travel to the highest bidder, regardless of where that is!
  13. Looking for club

    Lam u used to work at cliff head at all?
  14. Sin bin confussion.

    Sorry but that is wrong and the ref did it wrong. The first dissent is still in proceess. So yes was right to give an extra ten min. But as well as the player not being allowed bk on nor is any player allowed to replace them after 20 min. You would be down to ten men for the rest of the game. A player can only be replaced if the dissent is at a seperate 2nd sin bin not while mouthing off still. That is a 20 min and team down to ten men for rest of game
  15. According to the 'Indy' Plymouth Argyle are in Holland for Pre Season training but have had their two PSF games cancelled. The local Mayor approved of games with FC Emmen and FC Twente but were revoked by the local Police because of previous history by Argyle fans. This followed a review of fans behaviour at last Summers PSF at MVV Maastricht and they also noted in the past smoke devices have been detonated at stadiums
  16. Thanks again for doing such a great job Steve and for letting us slip a few 'extras' on including Rudders your Lino last ten minutes!!! Great day and like you say a few of the lads could still play a good level I reckon, don't think Tommy has put on one pound since his playing days!! Lovely to get one last chance to walk out on to the hallowed turf! Good luck to Westy and Town hope they have a memorable last season at Bickland 👍⚽️
  17. Money in combo

    Helston Res really?
  18. Friendly required Sat 5th Aug

    Mawnan reserves are available to play.
  19. Yesterday
  20. Bare necessities

    It must have been quite a moment at a Devon Sports Complex when twenty-two sweaty,naked football players raced into the showers and found there twenty-two naked lady hockey players. Isn't marvellous that as feminine screams rent the air,the footballers acted like true gentlemen,averted their eyes,put towels round their wastes and retreated to their own changing-rooms? It says a great deal for those Devonians. I would like to think that the Cornish would act with equal chivalry.But I have to admit that I can visualize only one circumstance in which the same thing might happen in Cornwall: if the ladies under the showers were members of the Mabe Ladies Choir.And then there would not be a polite retreat.But a panic-stricken stampede.
  21. Money in combo

    Shall we just call a spade a spade. Perranporth and Helston Res.
  22. Would like to thank Ray and John for tonight's course and St.Agnes for hosting the event , good to brush up on the laws and great to see so many turning up , enjoyable evening and some banter between the assistants , best one when practice the flag position for off side someone shouted no way lino , cheers guys .
  23. Money in combo

    Good original post , but surprise , nobody pays , and no players recieving either and pigs might f!y ? Good original post , but surprise , nobody pays , and no players recieving either and pigs might f!y ?
  24. Pendeen Rovers former pitch is on the opposite side of the road ( right hand side when going down Lighthouse Road), behind the garages. Great little thread this. Interesting to hear all the old teams as well
  25. Torpoint Athletic SWPL side are looking for away friendly(s) on Saturday 5th August and/or Tuesday 8th August or Wednesday 9th August. Please email or PM me if you are interested. Many thanks Robbie Morris Torpoint Athletic Football Secretary

    Which side of that line do you fit in "herbie" .... "form is temporary ///// class is permanent" .
  27. Great memories of Luke playing for the County Under 18's in 1994/95 season when the side (like last season's) came within a whisker of winning the FA County Youth Cup. Terry Huddy and Kev Rowett used to call him 'Frank' and still do. But where the 'Frank' came from i still don't know to this very day. Great reading those recollections from 2002 which included many references to James Miller, another County Youth star, a tad younger than Luke.
  28. Pulling out?

    probably run its course, but what is the club doing in respect to fielding a team next season or is Marazion Blues going to be the next defunct F.C? Does anyone know????
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