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  2. Predictions for Saturday 25th November 2017

    Combo Fixtures Saturday 25th November 2017 Carharrack 5-0 Penryn Athletic Goonhavern Athletic 1-5 St Day Holman SC 0-5 Falmouth Town Reserves Hayle 2-3 Porthleven Reserves Illogan RBL Reserves 1-4 Perranwell Mullion 1-3 Perranporth Pendeen Rovers 4-1 St Agnes Redruth United 2-3 St Ives Town West Cornwall 3-0 RNAS Culdrose League Cup 1st Round Helston Athletic Reserves 2-3 St Just
  3. Bodmin Town 3-1 Exmouth Town Godolphin Atlantic 3-1 Witheridge Ivybridge Town 2-2 Helston Athletic Launceston 3-2 Cullompton Rangers Plymouth Parkway 6-0 Callington Town Saltash United 1-1 Plymouth Argyle Stoke Gabriel 1-2 Camelford(2.15PM) Tavistock 4-2 Newquay Torpoint Athletic 2-2 Sticker WALTER C PARSON FUNERAL DIRECTORS LEAGUE CUP 3RD ROUND (2.30PM) Falmouth Town 4-1 Torridgeside
  4. Yesterday
  5. Out of my price range for a single programme as well Mike. Like I have said to you, in the last few months the price of older non-league football programmes has rocketed. I reckon prices have doubled. Could be more collectors on the market or people have more money to spend on their hobby. Mike, I have already bought 4 programmes this week! You tempted me Mike so I have just bid £29.41 and was still out-bid!
  6. Remember for the Cup Match I need the final score. I could go to extra time ans finish as a draw and be won on penalties but we need your prediction for the final playing score. Combo Fixtures Saturday 25th November 2017 Carharrack 5-1 Penryn Athletic Goonhavern Athletic 0-6 St Day Holman SC 0-4 Falmouth Town Reserves Hayle 2-1 Porthleven Reserves Illogan RBL Reserves 1-3 Perranwell Mullion 0-5 Perranporth Pendeen Rovers 3-0 St Agnes Redruth United 1-3 St Ives Town West Cornwall 2-0 RNAS Culdrose League Cup 1st Round Helston Athletic Reserves 3-1 St Just
  7. Sorry for the delay but have had a busy week at home painting. Over the fortnight 17 games were played, one abandoned and one postponed so only those 17 count. Three of us had 2 correct scores, Smeethy09, Soccer Follower and myself, with stevieb and Sticker Forever getting one each. Smeeth09's lead at the top has grown to 10 points as ballsax dropped fron 2nd to 4th, with Soccer Follower and stevieb each gaining a place. Sticker Forever also overtakes Anita. Smeeth09 also leads the Points Per Game chart with 0.81 with stevieb second. NAME PRED GAMES RIGHT SCORE RIGHT RESULT NEW POINTS LAST POINTS NEW TOTAL PTS PER GAME Smeethy09 146 8 95 15 104 119 0.82 Soccer Follower 155 7 88 14 95 109 0.7 stevieb 143 8 81 13 92 105 0.73 ballsax 155 7 84 10 95 105 0.68 Cornishteddyboy 155 7 83 13 91 104 0.67 Sticker Forever 125 5 74 12 76 88 0.7 Anita 147 3 77 8 78 86 0.59 Jacob-Englefield 68 3 37 - 52 0.73 Stokefan 1 35 1 18 - 21 0.6 RyRy 17 1 5 - 8 0.47 Asterix 9 . 6 - 6 0.67 PzFan 17 - 4 - 4 0.24
  8. Phil Ryder RIP

    Sad day for football Phil was a true legend at Newquay football club and my mother in laws all time favourite player I was lucky enough to watch phil play and know him as a friend loved watching Godolphin when he wasn’t working and giving banter to the opposition I can remember when someone posted on forum need to sort the village idiot which we both laughed at when I showed him total legend friend who will be missed not just with me but anyone involved in football❤️⚽️💙
  9. Phil Ryder RIP

    Great memories as a young boy of watching Phil at Mount Wise playing in undoubtedly the best Newquay team to ever play in the old South Western league. Condolences to Phil's family, friends and Newquay Football Club from St. Newlyn East AFC
  10. Phil Ryder RIP

    Wow! Another Newquay great from the successful 79/80 team has gone. Not many people knew that his dad John was Mr CCFA for a spell.

    Harry Townsend is 16
  12. Tottenham Hotspur

    All back to normal.
  13. Phil Ryder RIP

    I am shocked to the core. Not only did I have numerous battles with Phil over the years but did lots of business with him in his capacity as head chef at Newquay’s Kilbirnie Hotel. You knew you were in for an almighty battle with Phil. Sometimes you won but mostly you lost. The one thing you knew was there was nothing sly about him and a handshake and a beer after the game was a given. Fantastic goal scorer, brave as a lion and great to be around. Massive shock. RIP Phil, condolences to your family and friends. People use the word “legend” all too frequently these days. Not this time. Legend.
  14. Players required

    Newlyn lions are struggling for players and are looking for anyone interested , we are finally looking at training after 3 years of no training so if anyone may b interested pm me coz we dnt start training till after new year thanks in advance
  15. Bodmin Town 4 v 1 Exmouth Town Godolphin Atlantic 3 v 1 Witheridge Ivybridge Town 3 v 2 Helston Athletic Launceston 4 v 1 Cullompton Rangers Plymouth Parkway 6 v 1 Callington Town Saltash United 3 v 3 Plymouth Argyle Stoke Gabriel 3 v 2 Camelford Tavistock 4 v 2 Newquay Torpoint Athletic 2 v 2 Sticker WALTER C PARSON FUNERAL DIRECTORS LEAGUE CUP 3RD ROUND (2.30PM) Falmouth Town 4 v 1 Torridgeside
  16. Phil Ryder RIP

    Two really good teams there Dave!! Remember watching those sides as a kid and lucky for me went on to play with most of them a few years later. Some really talented players in those sides managed by the great Trevor Mewton. None more so than Phil who was pretty scary in those days to play with and against!! A big strong striker!! As Denty said every opponent knew he had been in a game when they played against him. great photo's
  17. 1952 Cornwall Senior Cup Final programme @St.Austell now selling on Ebay £26 with three days to go The only season I have missing since 1947 but now out of my range-CornishTeddyBoy to the rescue LOL Bugle v Saltash and R/U Tintagel v Camelford

    Game of the day has to be over the water at Kimberley. Will be heading there to watch the Argyle young guns
  19. Phil Ryder RIP

    I know CornishMaid won’t mind me using these two photos. Phil was in some very, very good Newquay teams. Here’s two league title winning photos.

    Will be cheering Parkway on from London. COYY!
  21. Trelawny League - Saturday Nov 25th 2017

    Thanks mate. Can’t take total credit. I believe Perranwell suggested it but we have already done it once before this season and everyone at Tine behind the scenes were keen. Have a couple of players working in the morning which is a shame but gives others a game. Just need to play while we can really. So hard stop start all the time
  22. Phil Ryder RIP

    A sad day, wonderful memories of Phil's time at Newquay Football Club.Condolences to all his family.
  23. I have, but it’s a rivalry game so both clubs think that it would be more appropriate to have a neutral official as it complicates things. Managing the side while officiating in such a vital fixture doesn’t sit well with me. i have also offered to officiate another game if ours is, indeed, called off. So don’t worry about me - I’ll be involved in Football one way or another on a Saturday

    No keeper in this league up to those requirements, not a chance. Ask Big Kev, he will tell you he knows first hand
  25. Phil Ryder RIP

    Another top goalscorer from my era gone far too young.Great striker and lovely man too.RIP Phil and condolences to his family.
  26. Phil Ryder RIP

    Would like to re iterate the sentiments of Rappo. I came up against Phil on many occasions and always knew I had been in a game when playing against him. RIP Phil and condolences to his family
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