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  1. Yesterday
  2. Promotion / relegation

  3. NLS - 17th February 2018

    Listeners of BBC Radio Cornwall know - Torquay United the only option available . Said it on there Saturday
  4. SWPL v CCL tonight hopefully!

    And it finished Wadebridge Town 2, Carharrack 0
  5. Are any teams going to do something about it or just moan and criticise on here?
  6. NLS - 17th February 2018

    Looks like the owners of the Club already know where TCFC will be playing next season. They informed the Council on January 16th in time for the Council Meeting for the S4C. Wonder when they plan to inform the supporters.
  7. Promotion / relegation

    According to the Combo Facebook page Lizard Argyle and Wendron Reserves have applied for promotion.
  8. Thanks. Very much appreciated.
  9. Trelawney League Cups Cancelled?

    Wendron 4ths next fixture is 10th March... yet there’s expected to be a fixture pile up...
  10. When will we know who have applied to go up to the combination league? And how many will be coming down etc?
  11. Trelawney League Cups Cancelled?

    I do agree with your points here Midlandsman. But that is the Trelawny League for you. Clubs certainly should seek compensation from the league. They can hardly turn it down.
  12. I thought he made a number of very good saves to keep Wigan in the game. That and some excellent defending.
  13. NLS - 17th February 2018

    That's the doubt I have when it comes to the council funding for the stadium. They continue to say they need to make cuts. Why would they then put multi millions of pounds in to a new stadium?! They've got to weigh up how many people really want it and the benefits it'll have. I want the stadium to be built as I'm a strong supporter of both Truro City and the Cornish Pirates. I would disagree when you say that it's too small for headline music acts to play there. They'd be able to get plenty down here. Regardless, it's going to be a close one. It'll leave a really sour taste in my mouth if the council reject funding to get the stadium built and we still move to Torquay.
  14. Trelawny League - Saturday February 17, 2018

    You played a blinder. Thanks to you the score stayed in single figures.
  15. Spoke to Cody who said he would be available for selection this week. Two up front this week had poor service from midfield who seemed not to know their roles. Softish penalty but why was Booth marking him, Richards had nobody!
  16. I’m all good thanks m8. I know what you mean buddy, that’s why we are doing all we can to make this as sustainable as possible. Were not looking for a short term fix. Be great to see you at Mousehole m8. 👍
  17. Great header for the 8th goal. Still feel i could of saved it but never the less a good header and goal.
  18. Junior cup semi-finals draw

    Not so long ago, the Junior Cup Semi-Finals were in fact East & West Area Finals, and if memory serves correctly there was a presentation of a perpetual cup for being the Area Champions. I think this only changed 4 or 5 years ago, to be an open draw, from round 3 onwards so teams would play different opposition, and get to go to new places.
  19. Hey Kev ...how yo doing buddy (?) I do intend to pop down there one day to see all these changes, when ...how longs a piece of string (?) Best of luck to Mousehole from me, ride the wave while you can ...nothing lasts forever.
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